Padre Pio 40 years after his death

I stumbled upon this website. I didn’t know that Padre Pio’s body was incorrupt. This was in 2008 and I thought you all would love to see it. Enjoy

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Thanks for that. I knew he was incorrupt but great pics. I think there are about 500 incorruptibles or so. We don’t know for certain why they are incorrupt but it appears those who are protected from corruption are saints who had a particular special mission in this world.
I have one of my bogs on this subject if any are interested in reading my bable about the subject.

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Lainey… thank you SO MUCH for posting these! I love Padre Pio! I praise God for his life! I’m going to send this link to family members.

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St Pio is not incorrupt, those pictures are of his body, but his decomposing head has been covered by a silicone mask. It was remarked upon exhuming his grave that he was in “fair condition” for a corpse of 40 years and his hands in particular were in excellent shape, looking like they had just had a manicure…So maybe parts of him are incorrupt, which is not unheard of, but I personally find the exhibition to be in bad taste and too misleading. :shrug:

I’d also heard that it was a mask, to make public viewing a bit less disturbing…

Regardless, St. Pio is such an amazing saint. :love:

Well thanks for the info. I did not go through the entire site…I just saw the pictures took it for granted that his body was incorrupt.

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I think he is incorrupt with some normal preservation having been done after death. A part of him may show signs of corruption but in general he is incorrupt.

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He is incorruptable.

What people fail to neglect is that his hands were found to be in perfect condition, AND with no sign of the stigmata as they were apparent during his life. The stigmata marks disappeared after his death apparently because they were meant for redemptive suffering during his life.

Praise the Lord.

His hands are fine right now, yes, but the rest of him is decaying. If his tomb was opened and he was found to be incorrupt it would have been tested by impartial scientists and shouted from the roof tops…It wasn’t. Catholics are compelled to believe truth because it is actually true, not because it’s a nice idea that we choose believe in and ignore the facts.

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The official account of the exhumination are here

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