Padre pio intercessions!


I just had an intercession from Padre Pio from this article.
I was reading this part :“So it was all just a dream, eh?”
A married couple who couldn’t have children began to turn to Padre Pio so he could intercede for them before the Lord. Not long afterwards, the young woman became pregnant and was extremely worried she would lose the child. One night not long before she was due to give birth, she had a comforting dream. She was in the maternity operating room and before the gynecologist came in she saw a man with a beard standing in a comer of the room, looking at her and smiling. Then she woke up. Judging by photos that she had seen, she thought the man resembled Padre Pio. She spoke about her dream to everyone; for her it had become almost an obsession.

When I finished reading this, I had an intercession from Padre pio and it was help for hallucinations that I have with a mom and her baby, a form of synthetic telepathy that I had with her and Padre Pio sent me an image of him in an altar in a red coat (the ones you put for mass, the one the priest uses to for the matryred saint for that day) and the synthetic telepathy and voices went away when I realized that Padre Pio was indicating that my eyes go crazy, oval shape when I interact with the telepathy and with the voices. After that an an hour into the intercession I don’t interact with the voicesu and I don’t have contact with the mom. Is there more going on here than a miracle, did Padre pio say I was a matryr because I was hearing voices and the voices, being mean and evil in nature, have tried to bring me down even more when I have been trying my hardest to turn my life more with God and Jesus and my Catholic faith.

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