Padre Pio saw Martin Luther in Hell?


Here is a video explaining Padre Pio’s vision:


This is a private revelation (not to mention a really bad translation.).

If it is true, this is nothing to gloat about. Jesus died a horrible death for our salvation, and the loss of even one soul is an immense tragedy.

In our religion, we pray for the living and the dead.


I think it would be VERY wise to exercise caution in this type of instance. For one, this is a “he said-she said” kind of thing. There was no public declaration by Padre Pio, as far as I am aware, about the state of Martin Luther’s soul. Two, I believe the teaching of the Church indicates that it is potentially a sin to make definitive and public statement about a person being in Heaven OR Hell. Three, how could Padre Pio know the sate of Martin Luther’s soul at death? One may claim that God told Padre Pio, and perhaps so, but that is a case of private revelation, which we are not obliged to believe.

Not saying it can’t be true, just saying that a healthy dose of caution in the “He/She is in Heaven/Hell” is warranted.


This friar belongs to the Franciscans of the Immaculate who are at odds with the Vatican.


As far as I know only a nun, sister Maria Serafini, saw Luther in Hell.


The Church has never stated with definitive assurance that anyone is in hell, not even Judas. If anyone has stated so I personally would not trust it.


They were appointed a commissioner. Things seem to have calmed down.


read the article more closely assuming you have.


To our Protestant brothers and sisters: The teaching office of the church (the “magisterium” of the bishops), the Scriptures, and Apostolic Tradition are our chief sources of Catholic teaching.

And in Catholic teaching, a Protestant is NOT automatically condemned to hell simply for being Protestant. In fact, the Catholic Church largely regards Protestants as having valid Baptisms, which means they are at least incorporated to the Body of Christ, if not perfectly united.


My takeaway from this is this quote:

On this point, Padre Pio, with simple words, which were terrible, said that those who believe they can communicate with God directly, are on the way to Hell.

The article then launches into a story of a woman, already beatified, who apparently communicated with God.


Are they condemning the beatified woman for communicating with God? It seems disjointed, incoherent. What is the point?


There’s a lot of things about Padre Pio I find suspect. I’ll leave it there.


What things do you find suspect?


That story was debunked. Martin Luther’sentence was commuted to serving 15 years at the Delta terminal at JFK.


Possibly a worse fate.


imo if Martin Luther had lived in the 19th or 20th century, he would have been a radical Marxist.


I heard about that.

She said she saw demons hammering nails into his head.

In 1883, Sister Maria Serafina Micheli (1849-1911) was beatified in Faicchio in the province of Benevento in the diocese of Cerreto Sannita 28 May 2011, the foundress of the Sisters of the Angels, was going to Eisleben, Saxony, the birthplace of Luther. The fourth centenary of the birth of the great heretic (10 November 1483) was celebrated on that day.

The streets were crowded, balconies included. Among the many personalities were expected at any time, with the arrival of Emperor Wilhelm I, who presided over the solemn celebrations.

The future Blessed, noting the great hoopla was not interested in knowing the reason for this unusual animation, wanted to find a church and pray to be able to make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament. After walking for a while, she finally found one, but the doors were closed. She knelt on the steps for serenity prayer. As it was in the evening, she had not noticed that it was not a Catholic church, but Protestant. While praying, the angel appeared, who said to her. “Arise, because it is a Protestant church” Then he added: “But I want you to see where Martin Luther was condemned and the pain he suffered as a punishment for his pride.”

After these words, she saw a terrible abyss of fire, where they were cruelly tortured countless souls. In the bottom of this hole there was a man, Martin Luther, which differed from the other: it was surrounded by demons that forced him to kneel, and all armed with hammers, they tried in vain , to shove a big nail in the head. Religious thought, if some of the people had seen this dramatic scene, they would not have made honors and other commemorations and celebrations for such a character.

Later, when the opportunity arose to remind his sisters live in humility and in secret. She was convinced that Martin Luther was punished in hell especially for the first deadly sin of pride. Pride is a deadly sin, brought him open rebellion against the Roman Catholic Church. His behavior, his attitude towards the Church, and his preaching were crucial to encourage and bring many souls to eternal ruin.


Fr.Stefano Manelli in his weekly column Il Pensiero di Padre Pio,Pianeta Padre Pio, wrote that Padre Pio criticized those Christians who believe they can speak directly to God and receive instructions and do not have to submit to the authority of the pope.

This is also a dangerous road writes Fr.Manelli for Christians who believe they are in communion with God without his Vicar and the Catholic Church. They are mistaken and this is an illusion for them,as it is known, he writes, outside the church there is no salvation.

Pio is saying if you think that your talking to God but and your not submitting to the Church or the Pope you have a good chance of damnation.

I’m not sure this is the original article posted.


It wouldn’t surprise me if Padre Pio saw Martin Luther in hell during one of his visions.


If he did, it was a private revelation. The Catholic Church has NEVER stated that anyone particular is in hell. Catholics do not have to believe in private revelations. Best to pray for everyone that they may be saved.


Looking at Luther’s physical And mental health I think he was an absolute mad man.

He had a strange obsession with bodily waste and he was an alcoholic and morbidly obese.

Most of the Reformer’s had a few screws loose.

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