Pagan Gods, Libertas and Nike,,


Wow, I just learned that our very own Statue of Liberty is a Pagan Greek goddess. The goodess of “libertas”…English, she is the Goddess of Liberty… the greek goddess looks exactly like the statue.

Also learned that “Nike” is also a Greek goddes. The goddes of atheleticism, the goddess of strength, speed, and agility!

Just do a search on “Libertas” and “Nike” and see for yourself…

Millions go see the Statue and millions wear Nike shoes and don’t even know it! Wow!! Not that it matters to me, but some christian folks are so hung up on pagan issue!

food for thought!

God Bless


They are allegorical figures; quite common. Many flags and seals have them.

Blind justice with her scales, Uncle Sam wanting you….etc etc

Until recently any educated person would have been steeped in the classics so classic symbolism was an easy way to convey an idea quickly.


I’m sure the OP was contrasting these common pagan symbols with the “paganism” that the Church is sometimes accused of.

Pagan influences are everywhere. It doesn’t mean that we are pagan.


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