Paid trolls on the internet

It may surprise some people here, but people get paid money to be online and trash whoever their employer designates. My point is, these people pretend to be regular folks. Some writers involved in the Hollywood writers’ strike are experiencing this first hand. Just FYI:

God bless,

:hmmm: I’m not surprised

Sadly, I am not surprised either.

I could get paid to do that???

Where do I sign up?

Juuuuuuust kidding! :smiley:

An unsourced claim made by a party is a acrimonous strike. How do we know this guy isnt a paid troll?

Let me know…I’m right behind you! :wink:

You mean you guys aren’t getting paid to be here??


It wouldn’t surprise me that corporations, organizations etc do employ covert lobbyists online. After all, fake grassroots not-for-profits, funded by corporations to promote viewpoints favorable to those corporations, have been documented. And traditional journalists have accepted gifts, sometimes quite large, which were given with the intent to influence what they write.

This latest twist is just one more thing to factor in when deciding your own opinion.

I didn’t know this. :o

That’s what George Bush does. (I’m one of them! I hope no one finds out!):wink:

Well, I’m not, where do I apply?
Btw, I wouldn’t have claimed the kid was a plant but I would’ve slammed the WGA for child exploitation.

I suspect that the trolls we encounter on a board like this are motivated by fanaticism rather than greed. I’m not sure which is worse.


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