Pain of being infertile

I thought I had at least somewhat accepted the fact that I am infertile. But last night, I dreamed that I was pregnant and it was a baby girl. I woke up feeling guilty and sad. Should I talk to my Priest about this??

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Yes or any other professional counselor. From personal experience, infertility is a heavy cross.


Prayers and hugs.

I have had a tiny glimpse into the pain of infertility, not to say mine is equal, but, my only child will never have children. I watch all of my peers becoming grandparents and it breaks my heart. It is all I can do to feign happiness for them when inside I have such pain and what is very close to envy.

I will pray for you!


Im sorry OP, that sounds so upsetting and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to confide in your priest.

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I am so sorry. That hurts a lot. I’m in a similar boat, and I will pray for you, too. :heart:

That would be a good idea. A counselor often can be helpful, too. It is good sometimes just to be able to talk about it to a sympathetic listening ear.

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You don’t have to feel guilty at all!

Wanting a child is normal, and you are not responsible of your dreams. It is not a sin.
To be sad is normal.

You can of course to speak to your priest if you desire it, in hope of confort and prayers, but no need to do it in confession.

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I’m so sorry. Prayers for you and for everyone affected by infertility.

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Wanting is not a sin.
Wanting is a type of emotion and frequently out of our control.
Like all other emotions, our wants need to be acknowledged and brought to our reason, then we decide what to do.

But mostly, hugs to you in your struggle and I will remember you in my prayers.


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