Painful sex

A friend of mine confided to me that since her hysterectomy to years ago, even with lubricants normal sex is extremely painful. She now always goes oral. They both are sexually satisfied but her husband is not comfortable with going against the church. I advised her that what they are doing is probably more unitive than the husband insisting on penetration and hurting her, or abstinence. What do you think?

The Church disagrees. Either painful sex or abstinence it is.

I think some of the ladies here have (in other threads) recommended some kind of hormone cream that has helped in similar situations. Your friend may want to check with her doctor to see if something like this could help her with the pain issue.

My wife is in a similar situation and I posted about this in the past. Sometimes, but not all the time and to varying degrees if I complete the sexual act inside her it will burn her afterwards. Despite this, we do it anyway, choosing not to use condoms or other methods to affect it.

I think she needs to see her doctor.


Could be a possible solution… along with probably dozens of other medical treatments.
Definitely time to see a doctor!

I would suggest to your friend that she keep trying to find a solution. If her doctor has not been helpful then maybe she needs to see a doctor who will suggest something other than typical one-size-fits-all cures.

I’m trying not to give medical advice but does this woman know that the lubricants themselves are not irritants?

Tell her to look into Vaginismus. Doctors aren’t always aware of this and might even resort to surgery, but I don’t think that’s the answer. I’ve heard that vaginismus has a high rate of curability with physical therapy (that you can do yourself).

They could do oral and then when he comes, come as far up as he can. There’s a possibility of pregnancy from just cumming on the hole so I would say that’s open to life.

I had this problem when I was newly married and she should definitely see a doctor. There are things she can do such as stretching to help the problem. In my case though, it has always been somewhat painful, but we did manage to create a child. However now that I’m a senior (and did have to have a hysterectomy) my husband’s health won’t allow it. I say, do what you can WITHOUT the oral sex. Sometimes cuddling and loving are better than the real thing.

Oh, I just know everyone’s starting to groan when they see my posts, but hey, I have to ask, or how will I learn?
Keeping in mind that I am not married, but merely wish to understand, why does the church condemn oral sex? Because it is just pleasure and not creating life? Oh, I think I just answered my own question. :thumbsup:

Your friend needs to see a doctor.

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