Pair jailed for Edinburgh's Central Mosque bacon attack


From the BBC:

A teenage girl and 39-year old man who desecrated an Edinburgh mosque by attacking it with strips of bacon have both been jailed.

Chelsea Lambie, 18, from Paisley, was sentenced to 12 months and Douglas Cruikshank, from Galashiels, to nine months.

They attached bacon to door handles and threw strips inside Edinburgh’s Central Mosque on 31 January 2013.

Cruikshank pled guilty. Lambie was found guilty after denying the charges.

Sheriff Alistair Noble, at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, said: “It does not seem to me there is any way to deal with this case other than by custody.”

Inappropriate. Regardless of what is thought about Islam or Muslims.

What if this act had been done against a synagogue?


I guess that is a good question. If something very offensive against Jews had been done in front of synagogue, would it be tolerated? Does anyone know?


Wow. That is horrible. I am surprised this wasn’t considered a hate crime. It sure seems to be a hate crime.


One day, desecrating buildings will no longer a crime, because the Lord doesn’t dwell in there but in the hearts of men.

I wonder whether Muslims or Jews can’t even touch pork?


I’m not sure about Jews but the article said that Muslims can’t even touch it.


They should go to jail just for wasting bacon.


There are many things going on in england, muslims are making gangs to rape girls who are not wearing hijab, forcing islam on prisoners, forcing sharia law in england.
It’s not muslims fault anyway, it’s the false christians in england. 1st they left the catholic church and made their own church, 2nd they don’t even go to church.
so far in england many churches has closed due to no1 go to the church. 2 churches became mosques, and many churches became nightclubs.
do not turn your back on god, he will turn his back on you. what’s happening in america is exactly the same now, tooooo many atheists and 38 000 different church.


Modern Western civilization is on it’s last leg, and radical Islam knows it. The West is weak,decadent, hedonistic, and self loathing of it’s own culture. Islam by contrast is strong, vibrant, uncompromising and demands self sacrifice of it’s adherents. For Western Europe the handwriting is already on the wall.


A year in jail for this?

Are Scottish taxpayers really okay with that?

The act itself was not decent to say the least, but convicted sexual assault crooks in the EU have gotten less time than that! :mad:


A lot of Europeans are against Israel.

And I think it would depend on who attacked the mosque. The response would undoubtedly be very different if a far right group conducted an attack versus Muslims conducting an attack.
:rolleyes: :o

This is what a PC society does.



We don’t get many facts about the case, so we can’t be sure about whether the sentence is too harsh (or too lenient). The defendants may have committed other crimes that were dropped from the indictment.

I’m only familiar with American law, but at least here, sentences in state courts are mitigated by options like parole, etc. A person sentenced to a year in jail may only serve six months, with the remaining time being spent out on parole. There might be an equivalent program here, but we can’t be sure.

In the end, these people deserve every day they get. What a terrible offense, to desecrate a holy place like that.


It’s fascinating how much I learn about England that I don’t at CAF, despite living here for well over 20 years I am always surprised by the new and fascinating insights that one can pick up about the UK on CAF>

8 churches into mosques and muslims saying allahu akbar cause they won.

Thousand of muslims protest in england :

Are you sure you live or lived in UK?


OK - I’m in a silly mood. This story is striking me a silly on many levels.

So in the midst of more reasoned thoughtful posts I will post what I hope is an oasis of absurdity to refresh you (hopefully) … or outrage you if you’re the type that enjoys a good harrumph! I kibbitz in RED below


Meanwhile in the real world:

New congregations are being formed to take over old redundant church buildings or to provide more youth-friendly services, helping church membership numbers to rise.

The figures, to be published this week by Christian Research, also reveal that the Roman Catholic Church is continuing to enjoy a rise in attendance at Mass, that the number of Pentecostal worshippers is increasing rapidly and that Baptist churches are also enjoying a resurgence.

Church leaders said the study – the first of its kind for three years – showed that reports of Christianity’s demise in the UK were premature

The new statistics reveal that the number of worshippers at regular weekly services in Church of England cathedrals has increased by 28 per cent since 2000. Church of England membership is up, from 1,173,100 in 2007 to 1,179,100 in 2008. Other denominations in the UK which have enjoyed growth include Roman Catholicism, Baptists, and Pentecostals.

In the Catholic Church, there were 1,657,644 attending Mass in 2008, compared with 1,654,556 the year before. Contrary to previous years, the researchers are putting the rise down to “home-grown Catholics” rather than immigration from catholic countries like Poland. The percentage of churchgoers in London is now in the top 10% in Europe and has even overtaken Rome.

Meanwhile, the Baptist Union of Great Britain has seen attendance rise from 148,835 a week in 2002 to 153,714 in 2008 and the Pentecostal church has grown at a faster rate over the same period, rising by 50 per cent to more than 300,000 worshippers.

Benita Hewitt, director of Christian Research, said that the overall picture of the Church in Britain was encouraging. “It’s been in decline for many years, and there have been many predictions of the death of the Church, but things have changed in recent years,” she said.

There are over 40,000 church buildings in the UK - and the number has risen since 2005. And mass attendance in the UK is only 2% lower than in the US.


Meanwhile, Coptic Christian churches in Egypt continue to be attacked. While I think the bacon barrage is disrespectful and wrong, I can’t seemed to get too worked up, given the comparison.



I wonder what jail time is given in the UK for those who illicitly receive the Eucharist in a catholic church in order to defile it in protests or anti-Catholic ritual?

If such people aren’t given similar jail time, I’d say we have rather a double standard. The host is Christ himself, the mosque is just a building even for muslims. If anything defiling a host is of far greater offense in Catholicism than a ‘bacon attack’ is in Islam.


There is double standard. Even gay rights issues can and do take a back seat to Islam.


I don’t get all the hatred for Islam in here. They worship the same God as we do.


Islamaphobia is sadly alive and kicking on CAF - even by those who profess to be Catholic and conveniently ignore what the Church says. The implication by the idiots who consider every Muslim is a terrorist is sickening.

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