Pakistan Arrests 44 for Burning Christians Alive in Kiln



Pakistan’s prime minister vowed to show “no mercy” to the members of a mob that burned a Christian couple alive in an industrial kiln, as the number of villagers arrested in connection with the crime reached 44. Shahbaz Maseeh, 26, and his wife Shama Bibi, 24, were attacked by colleagues on Tuesday at the brick factory where they worked in Punjab province after word got out that Bibi had burned several verses from the Quran left behind by her dead father. The mob reportedly broke Bibi and Maseeh’s legs so they couldn’t run away and then threw them in an industrial kiln


Yet they won’t relent on the sentence of death for Asia Bibli…

Please contact your rep and senator to tell them stop aid to pakistan!


Horrifying indeed and back to the Middle Ages. What a world we live in!


This is absolutely horrible. :frowning:

When are people going to understand that religious fundamentalism leads to atrocities like this?


That was so wrong. May the couple find eternal peace and happiness in the Lord’s Kingdom.


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