Pakistan: Christians treated like animals by Muslims

From Spero:
“In Pakistan, Christians suffer and see their lives in danger every day. In some areas, believers are treated like animals, in slavery or subjected to harassment, violence, and forced conversions.” This has been affirmed by Fr. John Shakir Nadeem, Secretary of the Commission for Social Communications of the Pakistani Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Director of Radio Veritas and the Television Center “Rabita Manzil” in Lahore.

Fr. Nadeem explains that the context in which this suffering takes place is amidst a growing Islamization, the spread of fundamentalist groups, a framework that facilitates and legitimizes discrimination, and even persecution. There is a weak government, subject to blackmail by the extremists. This is why the priest insists that “the issue of human rights should enter the summit now underway in Washington between the U.S. and Pakistan.”
Puts our problems in the States in context, doesn’t it?

It sure does.

And I have a real problem with hating Muslims because of it. (I am trying to fight it off.)

Part of my Rosary intentions today was for the conversion of the Muslims.
Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!


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