PAKISTAN - Islamabad: an innocent 24-year-old Christian man tortured to death by police [AN]


According to the police, the victim hanged himself. Autopsy results indicate however that he died from “serious internal injuries” sustained during interrogation. Arrested on charges of theft, the young man was subjected to brutal treatment to extract a confession. The incident occurred at a police station considered as a “model” facility.



Why we continue to have Pakistan as an ally is beyond me.


Because of our totalitarian leader.


I agree.

After 9-11, India said that they would render ANY aid the US needed. If you read between the lines, I think they were looking for a reason to go to war with Pakistan, with Afghanistan thrown in for kicks.

Of course, we politely said “no, thank you” and chose Pakistan as an ally instead. We couldn’t offend our Muslim friends, right? Can’t inflame a whole religion, right?

Pakistan has been more of a hindrance than a help, and our biggest victory in the war on terror was won ONLY because Pakistan was kept in the dark.

Sooner or later the pot will boil over, and you can bet Pakistan won’t be on our side. Maybe we’ll ask India for help then…

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