PAKISTAN - Lost innocence in Pakistan as sexual abuse and violence against children grows [AN]


In 2013, more than 3,000 cases of sexual abuse were reported, but the extent of the problem is even greater. Among the more than 1.5 million children living on the streets, 90 per cent are victims of violence. Although Pakistan has ratified the UN convention, there are still no laws or programmes to protect children. Criminal organisations are also behind abuse and exploitation.



Not much different than the USA.



There are laws in the Unites States. That is different.


We are in 2014, too bad it seems so much of the world is going backwards.

As for Pakistan, that over in Rotheram, England from my scant knowledge on the situation wasn’t absolutely based in England from what I understand.


Molesting children is also against the law in Pakistan.



If that is your contention, then your dispute is with Catholic Press, which has stated otherwise in the first paragraph of the link, which has been included in the initial post of this thread.


What was most heinous about those cases in England, is that the politically correct were more concerned about protecting the reputations of Muslims and the feelings of their minorities than they were with protecting the bodies and souls of England’s precious children.
It is a particularly loathsome and noxious reflex on behalf of the politically correct, to deflect the blame from non-Europeans, even at the cost of a child’s innocence.

Better that we have a millstone tied around our necks and be cast into the sea than to continue on that path.


The article states that Pakistan has resisted passing UN ratification on the issue, but that’s because they have a far different understanding of sexual abuse of minors than the West has.

In Pakistan, the mere discussion on sex is culturally taboo. They don’t talk about sex between consenting adults and the idea of sexually abusing children is so appalling, the mere idea of it is kept in the dark. When it comes to sex, they pretty much live as backwards as we did in the USA not long ago. The result is rape victims are stigmatized to the point of being suicidal, because they are culturally shunned.

They also see that Western ideas about what constitutes sexual abuse is scary, because of their culture.

The affection shown to children, kissing and touching, in their culture, could be seen as sexual abuse in the Western mindset.

Lets face it, we in American culture have a borderline hysteria on what constitutes sexual abuse to the point that parents no longer take photos of their naked babies, which was common practice just back in the 60’s.

There is sexual abuse in Pakistan, only a fool would believe otherwise.

There is also sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

However, to believe that Pakistani’s approve of sexual abuse of women and children is akin to believing that the Catholic Church approved of sexual abuse by priests.



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