Pakistan one of the least racist countries in the world: Survey


*The surveyors asked respondents in more than 80 different countries to identify the sorts of people they would not wish to have as neighbours. Some replied, “people of a different race.” It was concluded that this question could serve as an accurate indicator of racial tolerance in different countries.

Merely 6.5 per cent of Pakistani survey respondents objected to having a neighbour of a different race.*


Lots of issues with this “survey.”


Of course an Indian newspaper is going to complain about it.


Indeed, I have heard that Lahore is becoming the “it” destination for Americans and Israelis to vacation.



So you aren’t going to address the reasons why the author of the article finds problems with the survey, merely dismiss the article entirely because it was written up in an “Indian newspaper.”

Besides the fact that your curt dismissal of the article is based upon a logical fallacy, it also comes across, ironically, as just a bit “racist,” no?

Did you read the article from the Indian newspaper? It does make a number of valid points. Care to address those?

Personally, I happen to think the word “racist” is singularly devoid of any real significance precisely because “race” itself in western countries has become so overly connotative whereas in other cultures it has quite different meanings. Ergo, the survey is comparing apples to oranges - as the newspaper article points out.

Wouldn’t the survey also be skewed precisely because being “racist” is considered such a horrible thing in some “enlightened” cultures that very few actual “racists” would admit to such a thing in those countries, whereas in other countries, with significant conflicting ethnic histories, those surveyed would not be so “guarded” in their responses? Asking about having preferences regarding certain neighbors doesn’t help disarm the loadedness of the survey in that respect. The responders in cultures anxious to hide any appearance or hint of “racism” would surely answer appropriately.

Sociological surveys that ask such loaded questions are more likely than not going to be answered by responders in terms they think the surveyors want to hear by those who are more concerned to give the appearance of political correctness than what is actually true about them. This is why such surveys are inherently flawed.

Go around and ask whether people in different cultures think of themselves as “good” persons. What do you suppose that will tell you? Do you suppose you will get an accurate picture of where more good people live? :rolleyes:


Respondents to annonymous surveys and studies have no reason to hide their actual thoughts on a given issue.

Your post casts dispersion upon the entire field of social research where confidential surveys and polls are taken.

Oh, and racism is wrong. It is a serious sin in the eyes of the Church.


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