Pakistan Plans to Execute 500 More Militants Disturbing: Amnesty International - PTI


**Pakistan Plans to Execute 500 More Militants Disturbing: Amnesty International **

LONDON: Pakistan’s plan to execute 500 militants who have been awarded death sentence is “deeply disturbing” and would do nothing to protect civilians from the conflict with Taliban, a leading Rights group has said.

“The planned execution figures being quoted are deeply disturbing and indicate a huge regression from a government which until last week maintained a moratorium on executions,” David Griffiths, Amnesty International’s Deputy Asia-Pacific Director said yesterday.

“Pakistan suffered an horrific tragedy in Peshawar last week, but resorting to the death penalty and threatening to carry out large numbers of executions masks rather than addresses the underlying problems that need to be tackled by the government – namely that communities living in the north-west of Pakistan are gravely at risk from violence and human rights abuses,” Griffiths said.

Pakistan yesterday said that it is preparing to execute at least 55 more death-row terrorists among the 500 condemned militants after their mercy appeals were rejected following the end of a 2008 moratorium on death penalty.

The article source is PTI, the Press Trust of India

Admittedly, in discussion of Capital Punishment, this is interesting. Especially in light of the horrible slaughter last week, of course, the debate in Pakistan would be very passionate.


What other solution is there for a situation where terrorists are going around killing school children? I don’t have too much sympathy for monsters who target and kill children.


I think terrorism would fall within the ambit of crimes where, according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, it would be morally permissible to execute a guilty criminal to protect the lives of the innocent.


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