Pakistan Taliban 'kill 100' in assault on Peshawar school

Pakistan Taliban ‘kill 100’ in assault on Peshawar school

At least 100 people, mostly children, have been killed in a Taliban assault on an army-run school in the Pakistani city of Peshawar, officials say.

Five or six militants wearing security uniforms entered the school, officials said. Gunfire and explosions were heard as security forces surrounded the area.

The army says most of the school’s 500 students have been evacuated. It is not clear how many are being held hostage.

A Taliban spokesman says the assault is in response to army operations.

Terrorism remaining a constant threat in the region and Pakistan having an active nuclear weapons program is not a comforting notion.

Unfortunately the region will have the threat of Taliban attacks for the foreseeable future.

Taliban attacks in Afghanistan surge as Coalition ends combat mission

As the US and allied countries withdraw their forces, the Afghan National Security Forces have taken the brunt of the casualties. This year, Afghan forces have suffered the highest casualty rates since the war began in 2001. As of Nov. 5, “4,634 Afghan security forces were killed in action this year, up from 4,350 last year,” USA Today reported, based on a briefing by Lieutenant General Joseph Anderson. The number of wounded personnel and those who have gone AWOL, or absent without leave, was not disclosed. Anderson said the high casualty rate for the Afghan security forces “is not sustainable.”

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