Pakistani Christian doctor jailed on 'blasphemy' charges

Officials said Dr. Robin Sardar is being held in Punjab’s Gujranwala Central Jail. His wife and six children have left their home in the town of Chak Chatta, 200 miles southeast of Islamabad.

“This is the house of a blasphemer,” reads a sign on the gates of Sardar’s now empty home where a crowd of angry villagers gathered on May 5, Union of Catholic Asia News (UCAN) reported…

In his written statement, Rafique called for the doctor to receive capital punishment and threatened that local Muslims would riot if police did not arrest the Christian…

Ten years prior, on May 6, 1998, Pakistani Catholic Bishop John Joseph committed suicide to protest both the use and abuse of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

Speaking from a memorial mass in Faisalabad, Father Aftab James Paul, director of the diocesan Commission for Interfaith Dialogue, said Sardar was accused because he was a well off Christian doctor.

Why would a Catholic Bishop commit suicide?

I don’t know but what has this got to do with the ‘‘War on Terror’’?

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