Pakistani newlyweds decapitated by bride's family in honor killing


(CNN) – A young newlywed couple in northeastern Pakistan died a horrible death at the hands of the bride’s family in the latest honor killing in the nation, police in Pakistan said Saturday.

The couple, identified as Sajjad Ahmed, 26, and Muawia Bibi, 18, were married by a Pakistani court on June 18 against the wishes of the Bibi family, Punjab police official Mohammad Ahsanullah told CNN.

On Thursday, the bride’s father and uncles lured the couple back to the village of Satrah in Punjab province, where Ahsanullah said the pair were tied up and then decapitated.

Despite the fact that there were no outside witnesses, family members turned themselves in to police and are now jailed in the Sialkot district of Punjab, Ahsanulluh said.


These people are worse than wild savages roaming the dark fastness of the worlds wildest jungles. How can one comprehend such ignorance, such savagness? And that part of the world has been that way since the 7th century.



What is this world coming to?!


It’s quite sad, and yet we must pray for these souls who commit such crimes against humanity.

I take comfort in God’s great Mercy. However…

I am content in knowing that those souls who refuse to pass through the gate of His Mercy shall all the same be required to enter by the gate of His Justice, and I thank God for that.

But let’s pray for the souls of people who commit such terrible crimes, that they do find final repentance. I know that St. Therese would have those sentiments, and so I’m going to do my best to imitate her love for souls as she imitated the Mercy of Christ.


Wow. This is horrible. We must pray for these people that they would be converted to Catholicism.


How many must die, how much brutality must occur, before the Muslim community either rises up against this horror, or admit that it is a part of their “faith”? We cannot judge Islam by the actions of extremists, but we can judge the witness of those that sit back and do nothing while brutality continues. We see the true martyrs to a faith in the literal sense of a witness. Christian martyrs bore witness by their death, not the death of others.


Gives one a new appreciation for the Raj.


Why did the family members turn themselves in? Are honor killings against the law of the land?


This is pretty much what I was thinking. Where are the stories about Muslims worldwide denouncing this savagery? Most media just ignore stories of violence in the name of Islam in order to avoid being called Islamophobic and expect us to believe this is a religion of peace with no evidence to support that conclusion.


Ummmm all I can say is, “Heaven help us!” if more Muslims actually start to become more fundamental in their following of what the Quran says one should do and not do. I’m not an expert in the book by any stretch, but I do know that much is taught in there that is diametrically opposed in the most violent of manners to what Christianity holds to be true and good.

Having said that, though, there are indeed many Muslims who are devout in their belief and yet charitable to all their neighbors and open to following what they believe to be the truth.


I made a post like this once asking the same questions and was criticized. Guess it is not politically correct to ask these questions.


I have a pretty thick skin.:wink:

I would love to modify the statement when I see stories about Muslims condemning brutal criminal actions by Muslims. Unlike Christian tradition, Muslims do not share our concept of natural law or that we are made in the image and likeness of God. It is a real barrier to dialogue if one side believes that truth is universal and constant, but the other side does not.


I dare say, many Muslims would say you are blashpheming if you shared that idea with them.


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