Pakistanis denounce U.S. Embassy’s gay rights party as ‘cultural terrorism’

Why flaunt in another country something morally unacceptable to them?!! Is this not* looking** for trouble!!*
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, July 26, 2011[size=2] ([/size][/FONT][size=2])[/size] – A U.S. Embassy party in Islamabad** billed** as a** celebration** of homosexual rights inflamed conservative Pakistani groups, who condemned the event as an act of “cultural terrorism” aimed at the country’s Islamic values.
The U.S. Embassy held a “gay pride” celebration on June 26, the first ever promotion of homosexual rights by U.S. diplomats in the* Islamic** nation.*

I wish that more Christians had such “guts” to tell the U.S, government what they think about their “progressive” indoctrination of our Christian culture.

For once I’m with Pakistan on this :thumbsup:

It certainly is!
And the dopey, corrupt and decadent West cant understand Islams hostility.

As an aside: what would Muslims think of women being deployed in life-threatening military roles?
Any takers?

Me too! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

DITTO! :sad_yes:

It seems like the Islamic world is even lest impressed with the values of liberal America than they were with Bush.

So we’ve abandoned the “Win their hearts and minds” policy and gone with the “See much we can peeve them off” policy?

What ever the reason…it certainly appears to be arrogant,** disrespectful**, and unwise!! Kind of like throwing oil on a** fire** !!

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