Palestinian U.N. moves designed to avoid U.S. retaliation


RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) - When Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas signed onto 15 international conventions on Tuesday, he shocked the U.S. sponsors of troubled Middle East peace talks. But the move was carefully limited to avoid American retaliation.
Abbas’s action may have been designed more as a symbolic act of defiance to shore up his tenuous standing among Palestinians frustrated at the diplomatic impasse with Israel over their goal of statehood than a knife in the heart of peacemaking.

As a non-member state in the United Nations, Palestinians can join 63 international agencies and accords. However, by only signing conventions dealing with social and human rights instead of seeking full membership in U.N. bodies, the Palestinians’ foreign minister said they would not provoke U.S. sanctions.

“Frankly speaking, I don’t expect any consequences coming from the U.S. Congress regarding this step at all,” Riad al-Malki told reporters on Wednesday.


Frankly speaking, the Palestinians should just be honest with themselves and realize that their health and welfare are of no interest to the US and Israel. It is good that they are now looking into other means of self-realization. The UN is useless, and the US’ veto power on the security council literally shields Israel from punishment for its constant war crimes and flagrant apathy to UN resolutions.


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