Palestinians to Submit Resolution for UN Statehood Bid


Ah, yes. AlJazeera says it is our fault. Must be true, then.

This tendency seems to have started in the Cold War era when certain journalists obstinately and stubbornly refused to see the utter evil in the Soviet empire and instead did their best to color their reporting to highlight failures in the West and success in the communist world. I believe Stalin called them “useful idiots.”
The fact that this tendency outlived communism itself amazes me. Walter Duranty lives…


Do you have an actual argument or are you just going to use an ad hominem?


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Do I have an argument? Not really. I was just pointing out that you don’t have one. An AlJazeera opinion piece about the genesis of ISIS. LOL. Might as well ask Hugo Chavez why Venezuela is in such bad shape while you’re at it. (Yes, it’s hyperbole, he’s dead.)



The burden of proof is on the person making the assertion, not the guy listening. The fact that terrorists were tossed into jail and were still terrorists when they got out proves nothing at all.

This is a very similar argument to a common one here in the USA where a statistic is produced showing that 18-25 year old black men are jailed at astronomically higher rates than 18-25 white males and thus/therefore the USA justice system is racist. That’s an assertion without proof. No effort has been made to show that any significant number of those men in jail are innocent. Same flaw here. Islamic radicals have been beheading their “infidel” victims since Europeans were little more than barbarian tribes. ISIS is nothing new.

What’s changed is that the occupying US forces and US - erected Iraqi leadership wasn’t willing to be as brutal as Hussein was in keeping a lid on the minority population of homicidal Islamists and other various “troublemakers.” Hussein didn’t use to merely jail them, he used to butcher them in job lots. (And don’t take that as my endorsement, just my observation)

YOU made quite an assertion (“The West made ISIS”). So far your evidence is paltry.


Well, former secretary of state, James Baker, just recently on Meet the Press, explained why George H.W. Bush and his administration chose not to go into Iraq and take down Saddam Hussein, during the 1st Gulf War. He said that they knew it would create sectary divisions where Sunni radicals would take over the north and Iran would have control of the Shiites in the south.

In other words, what we see today is the reason why H.W. Bush knew it would be a mistake to go into Iraq.

So, essentially Aljazeera is right. They’re merely stating what Bush 41, James Baker and Collin Powell knew…



Problem is that most of them weren’t terrorists or ideologues. The Iraqi government engaged in mass disenfranchisement of former Iraqi military personnel. Suddenly you had massive numbers of people with military training with no work. When you’ve lost your job, are being screwed over by the majority and then someone comes along offering to pay you to take revenge on your persecutors and pay you for it while you family is starving most people find that a tempting offer.

The other issue was that in addition to now having large numbers of unemployed people with military experience susceptible to radicalization you now had a military composed of people with limited military experience.


Granted, my family didn’t starve. But when the bottom dropped out in 2008, my employer started losing contracts to “minority certified” consultants with lower performance ratings than our firm, my friends got laid off and I got a pay chop, I never considered doing any beheading. Maybe Iraqis just needed an internet to gripe upon like I had, then they wouldn’t have gone all homicidal? Right. People not inclined to inhuman savagery don’t suddenly become inclined when they become unemployed. Nothing in the most decayed of US inner city unemployment hopelessness approaches ISIS. And yet ISIS is “our fault?” Sorry, not persuasive Ms. Duranty. :wink:


Nah, that’s over the top grumpy on Jan 2 of a new year. Duranty was a bum. You’re clearly not. (Just honestly wrong! :wink: )Too late to edit, but consider it retracted.

And Happy New Year.


This reminds me of the people who can sympathize with starving people because McDonald’s engaged in an emergency airlift of potatoes to prevent Japan running out of potatoes. #firstworldproblems


Has either the Israelis or the Palestinians taken over Iraq, or vice-versa?


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