I know that the Pope bestows the pallium upon all metropolitan archbishops. Many cardinals, who are also metropolitan archbishops, thus have the pallium. Is the pallium also, however, given to cardinals who are not metropolitans? For example, the metropolitan Archbishop of Port-au-Prince in Haiti is not a cardinal, but his suffragan bishop, the Bishop of Les Cayes, is, by recent appointment of Pope Francis. Technically the suffragan bishop would, by virtue of his personal rank of cardinal, now take precedence over his own metropolitan, but would he have the right to wear the pallium?


No, he would not. Wikipedia details one exception for a cardinal who is not a metropolitan:

Although the pallium is now reserved, by law and liturgical norms, to metropolitans, a single standing exception has seemed to become customary: Pope John Paul II conferred a pallium on then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger when Ratzinger became Dean of the College of Cardinals and therefore also Cardinal Bishop of Ostia, a purely honorary title and one without an archbishopric or metropolitanate attached. When Ratzinger was elected Pope Benedict XVI, he continued that exception without comment by conferring the pallium on Cardinal Angelo Sodano, the new dean.[8]


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