Palm Sunday in the Philippines


Hello! I haven’t been here in a while I just wanted to show all of you how Domingo de Ramos (Linggo ng Palaspas or Palm Sunday) is celebrated here.

In some churches like ours the first mass starts with a procession outside of church, the procession is the penitential act. The Priest is vested with a stole and a cope there he will bless the palms, after the blessing a gospel is read after that the procession starts. There is a tradition for women to cover the processional route with tapis (literally, “wraparound”), which are large, heirloom cloth skirts or aprons made exclusively for this ritual. This is to recall how excited Jerusalemites spread their cloaks before Christ as he entered the city.

When the procession finally reaches the church the hymn Osana sa Anak ni David (Hosanna to the Son of David) is sung by the choir, after that mass proceeds as normal except for the Gospel where the Priest voices as Jesus and the Choir as the people bringing him to Pilate.

I will also post how the other days of Semana Santa (Holy week) are celebrated.



Thank you for sharing your traditions with us. I like the idea of women spreading the tapis.

If you have any photos to share please post them too, sometimes it’s easier for us to visualize if we can see it!



I’ll try to find some because you know when youre and altar server you aren’t permitted to take your phone or camera out.

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