Palm Sunday plam blessing preface


Does anyone know where I might find on-line an audio/video version of the Palm Sunday palm blessing preface in latin? All the videos I’ve found so far start AFTER the preface :-/


Palm Sunday at St. Mary in Norwalk (Related Video)


I had seen that video. Unfortunately it starts before the procession, AFTER the preface :-/


Sorry it was not the right one. Are you looking for a video of either of these:

Blessing of the Palms (Tonus simplex)

Dominus vobíscum. R. Et cum spí-ritu tu-o.
O-rémus. Bénedic, quaésu mus, Dó mine, hos palmárum (seu olivárum aut a-li-árum árborum) ramos: et præsta; ut, quod pópulus tu-us in tu-i venera-ti- ó nem ho di-érno di-e cor porá-li-ter agit, hoc spi-ritu-á-li-ter summa devoti-óne perfí-ci- at, de hoste victóri-am reportándo et opus misericórdi-æ summópere di-ligéndo. Per Christum Dóminum nostrum. R. Amen.

Prayer Before the Mass of Palm Sunda (Tonus simplex)

Dominus vobíscum. R. Et cum spí-ritu tu-o.
O-rémus. Dómine Jesu Christe, Rex ac Redémptor noster, in cujus honórem, hos ramos gestántes, solémnes laudes de can távimus: concéde propí-ti-us; ut, quocúmque hi rami de portá-ti fú-erint, ibi tu-æ benedicti-ónis grá-ti-a descéndat, et, quavis daémonum iniqui-táte vel illusi- óne profligáta, déxtera tu-a prótegat, quos redémit. Qui vivis et regnas in saécula sæculórum. R. Amen.


+J.M.J.+ The Palm Blessing Preface, chanted by the priest, begins in this video at 3:48, and ends at 4:33.
Palm Sunday Ancient Latin Rite-Passion Narrative 4-17-11 - YouTube


Were you looking for the old one, (i.e, before the so-called “reform” of 1955)? If so, try searching YouTube for “Palm Sunday pre-1955”


Sorry, but that’s not it. What you indicate is a prayer/belssing, but it is not the Preface. If you look in the missal there is actually a “Preface” (with dialogue, Preface, and Sanctus) for the Palms :slight_smile:


It’s not in the 1962 Missal? Strange, but the 1962 pdf I have has the Preface still.

I searched as you suggested, yet the only pre-'55 rite video I found does NOT have it :-/


In the pre-1955 rite, the blessing of the Branches is structured similar to Mass, including a Gospel reading and a full Preface (“Qui gloriaris in consilio …”). The Preface was one of things deleted when the rite was butchered. My 1962s (PDF and print) don’t have anything of the sort, but the my PDF of 1920 does.

Sorry … I didn’t watch the whole thing. I guess I shouldn’t have assumed it’d be there. :o



I hadn’t until just now. Not easy reading im português :eek: :wink:


PDF here:

Page 171:

I classis, semiduplex

Antiphona. Matth. 21, 9.
Hosánna fílio David: benedíctus, qui venit in nómine Dómini. O Rex Israël: Hosánna in excélsis.
℣. Dóminus vobíscum.
℞. Et cum spíritu tuo.
Orémus. Oratio.
Deus, quem dilígere et amáre justítia est, ineffábilis grátiæ tuæ in nobis dona multíplica: et qui fecísti nos in morte Fílii tui speráre quæ crédimus; fac nos eódem resurgénte perveníre quo téndimus: Qui tecum.



+J.M.J.+ Sorry, our mistake. We think the Preface, chanted by the priest, begins in this video at 1:32:08, and ends at 1:33:48. We looked in our 1962 Daily Missal, and found a Preface prayer on page 475. It is the only Preface we found in the Palm Sunday Liturgy. It is after the Secret, and is called Preface of the Holy Cross. It is chanted by the priest right before the Sanctus begins.
Palm Sunday Ancient Latin Rite-Passion Narrative 4-17-11 - YouTube


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