Palm Sunday readings

Last Sunday (Palm Sunday) 2 men did the readings then sat down whereupon two women joined the priest to do the long ‘dramatization’ of the gospel story of the Passion.
Is it now acceptable for female lectors to read the gospel? ( This is still the gospel albeit quite lengthy). This was read not sung.

I was under the impression that women can not read the gospel or preach in the RCC.
Perhaps this has changed. If so when or is it at the discretion of the local bishop or PP
(I sent this to apologist but he’s too busy.)

The rules are slightly different for the Passion readings.

See Paschale Solemnitatis:

  1. The passion narrative occupies a special place. It should be sung or read in the traditional way, that is, by three persons who take the part of Christ, the narrator, and the people. The passion is proclaimed by deacons or priests, or by lay readers. In the latter case, the part of the Christ should be reserved to the priest.
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