Palm Sunday

I went to mass today (Saturday), but I didn’t see them pass out any palms.

Does going to mass Saturday count as going on Palm Sunday ?

I don’t know where you live but you posted at 511 eastern time so it may be that you did not go to a saturday “vigil” Mass which usually are later in the day. Were the readings palm sunday readings or the saturday daily Mass readings? a Saturday evening Mass is actually a Sunday Mass. Were you at a wedding? that probably would have not been a Sunday Mass.

Yes, the mass of anticipation on Saturday evening “counts” as your Sunday obligation, Palm Sunday weekend or any other weekend.

You might want to call your parish on Monday - maybe their delivery of palm branches was delayed - though something should have been mentioned at mass if that had been the case. We only got our palms delivered on Thursday afternoon. We were able to get the church decorated on Friday and palms were available to our parishioners at the 4:00 pm Saturday mass.

Mass on Saturday are “Sunday” liturgies when they fall after 4 pm or so.
Otherwise, you attended the Mass of the Day. Especially if it was in the morning.
Did they read the Passion? Those are the readings for Sunday.
Saturday Vigil Masses begin in the evening…and are considered Sunday Masses.

Thank you! … The mass started at 4pm, not after … But I suppose that counts as vigil mass?

What was the Gospel reading? The Passion? If it was, then it was a Sunday Liturgy.

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