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Has anyone ever heard this talk? Sex has a price tag by Pam Stenzel

I have listened to it a couple times and it is really good. She is very aggressive and has a great sense of humor. She has a great message that needs to be out there. You can download and listen to the mp3 at this website.

I know that this whole talk is on You Tube as well.

This is just part 1, the other parts can be found here as well.


I was watching it on YouTube…she’s a great speaker and what a good message for young people!

In the inner city ER where I work at, we get A LOT of young teens, boys and girls, coming in for STD checks EVERYDAY! It’s astounding. And most of them are positive…and they have a deer-in-the-headlight look when we tell them about it.

If only there were more people like Pam Stenzel to get that message out.


That show was produced by Saint Michael’s Media. I worked there that day to assist with the show and got to meet Pam. She really is an amazing and dynamic woman. She has an interesting personal story to tell as well that I believe can be found on her website. I won’t repeat it here becasue I don’t want to get anything wrong.

When this show was taped, the parents were not in the audience, they were in an upper level viewing area, and the kids were in the audience on the main level. It made it more comfortable for everyone, and the kids were able to not feel uncomfortable hearing her message with Mom sitting next to them. :cool:

You will notice that the YouTube clip says “public school”. This is because she had to do a separate opening to the show for public schools that did not contain any reference to faith or religion. :rolleyes: Just so you don’t think that she does not believe that is relevant to the message, she does, she just can’t put it in a product going to public schools.



Stay-at-Home Catholic Dad of 3… is me! (and proud to be)

I watched this about 6 months ago. My 16 y/o DS loves to talk about statistical things that he learns (the X contains X% of …)
I think his jaw will drop when he hears some of the frightening statistics in her talk. I was really almost speechless for a time then almost fearful for my children that are growing up so fast…
but the Catholic Dad in me has a good hold on my house and I let them know when things are not right. And NO they DO NOT run my house, they do not have cell phones, no TV’s (except the one in the livingroom) and the only time there are allowed to get on the computer is when they have homework or I say they can.
And because they have never had those things they are ok with it and they don’t know why all their friends HAVE to have them!
Parents need to be parents and if something is a bad influence in the lives of their children then that thing (whatever it may be) needs to be removed for the better of the child. Cut that “cancer” out of your life!!

Mini-rant over…sorry,



Paul - if your son is fascinated by statistics, you may consider allowing him to watch this:

It is an amazing look at abortion and how it impacts our society and country from many aspects, using a great deal of statistics.

Ok - sorry about going of topic. :blush:



Thanks for the link and the reminder. I am going to listen to that tonight - I saved a VHS copy of one of her talks years ago when my kids were really little to show it to them one day. I am happy to know they can watch an up to date version.


Thanks… and talking about abortion… the other night on ABC World News they were talking about Iraq and that the total US troops that have lost their lives was something like 4050 (I think)

I said “Isn’t that appalling?”… he sat there.
Again but with a little more sarcasm “Isn’t that appalling that 4,000 troops have died in the last 5 years?”… Then I said… " That’s what a lot of people are saying and that is how they feel. I think it is a terrible thing that, that many troops have died and how terrible it affects their families."

I let that sink in for a minute… I asked a third time…
“Isn’t it terrible that 4,000 troops have died in 5 years?”

He finally said “Yes, it is”

Then with a sound of being chocked up in my voice I said this…
“We lose 4,000 babies every week to abortion and where on TV is that. We have to be there voice. That is appalling”

I could see the math wheels turning in his head to try and see that it was a very large number.

Then I said this “It is more than 1 MILLION babies lost…(pause)
and that is only what is reported… you have the morning after pill and the contraception pill that kills thousands or maybe even millions more every year!”

He was just staring at me with his mouth slightly open and I knew my point had struck an “awe” in his mind at the vast number it really is.

To put things in more perspective: Looking at the population of each state in the US…

– There have been enough abortions in this country alone to wipe out the total population of 23 of the 50 states (the bottom 23 most populous states)GONE

– California has the highest population with about 36.5 million people. Abortion exceeds that by almost 10 million… and only the reported ones!!

These analogees still are hard to imagine the scope of this silent holocaust.:crossrc:



All I can say is “wow” and “ick” – so sad. So very very sad.


Yes, Pam Stenzel came to our high school my junior and senior year (way back in 97 and 98 :wink: ). She was excellent. Lizaanne is right, she does have a good personal story. While I don’t remember all the details, Ms. Stenzel was conceived as the result of a rape. I’ll have to watch the youtube clip to refresh my memory.


I think Pam is awesome and have been using her stuff off and on with my chastity education for years. Is she now Catholic does anyone know?


I have followed her talks for a while…she is blunt, and awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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