Pamela Anderson to play Virgin Mary in Christmas special

It’s pretty self explanatory.

Pamela Anderson to play Virgin Mary in Christmas special

There’s a difference between biting, clever satire and… “Hey! let’s get Pamela Anderson to play the Virgin Mary!”

This is from The Onion, right? :banghead:

(no, I know it’s not)


I hailed me a woman from the street, 
    Shameless, but, oh, so fair! 
I bade her sit in the model's seat 
    And painted her sitting there. 

I hid all trace of her heart unclean; 
    I painted a babe at her breast; 
I painted her as she might have been 
    If the Worst had been the Best. 

She laughed at my picture and went away. 
    Then came, with a knowing nod, 
A connoisseur, and I heard him say; 
    "'Tis Mary, the Mother of God." 

So, I painted a halo round her hair, 
    And I sold her and took my fee, 
And she hangs in the church of Saint Hillaire, 
    Where you and all may see. 

—Robert W. Service (1874-1958)

““A Russell Peters Christmas” will air December 1 at 9 p.m. ET on CTV – assuming the Christian community doesn’t somehow cause a power meltdown with mass collective outrage.”

Sadly, a large portion of the Christian community won’t really give a hoot since they don’t revere the Blessed Mother the way they should.

isn’t she a blond?

That didn’t stop Gaga from trying to portray Mare Magdalene.

We should pray that somehow the Virgin Mary will speak into her heart and that Pamela Anderson will hear her and repent. I also hope that the Blessed Virgin Mary speaks into my heart and that I repent in charity and humility too. I’m trying my best not to rear back my arm and cast the first stone, but it’s tough in these kinds of situations. :byzsoc:

Mmm! Which lead me to wonder about Dan Brown’s claims as to who Mary Magdalen’s baby-daddy was…

Being a “Christmas” special, one expects the setting to be rather closer to the nativity than the dormition. Isn’t Pam a bit long in the tooth for the part?

You need to read the description of the show a little closer:

The special, which will be hosted by comedian Russell Peters, will deliver "an irreverent twist on the Christmas special making it unlike anything viewers have seen before."

Clearly its not simply a Christmas special but an attempt to make fun of Christians…

Looks worth missing. There hasn’t been a decent television “Christmas Special” since Charlie Brown.

This has disaster written all over it :rolleyes:

It does sound like a train wreck of mixed values and goals.

Here is a bit from the show’s press release:

Inspired by the variety shows of yesteryear, Peters puts his own irreverent twist on the Christmas special, making it unlike anything viewers have seen before. Along with the obligatory carolers, winter wonderland setting, and cheesy glad tidings, A RUSSELL PETERS CHRISTMAS features legendary comedians, lingerie models, Pamela Anderson as the Virgin Mary, and the bartender from THE LOVE BOAT. With a mix of Russell Peters stand-up; hilarious sketch featuring guest stars and Peters’ own mother, Maureen and baby daughter, Crystianna; stop-motion animation reminiscent of a Rankin/Bass classic (set in Bramalea, no less); and show-stopping musical performances including the incomparable Michale Bublé, it’s a holiday special like no other.

It sounds like a show for adults, with a wink to memories of older Christmas shows. Simply casting Anderson as Mary, while questionable, isn’t necessarily bad if she is played with dignity. I am not sure that will be the case, however, especially if the show will be featuring lingerie models.

On the other hand, Peters will be having his own mother on the show, as well as his daughter. So how offensive would it be?

There are may actors who have played Jesus who aren’t exactly Jesus-like in their personal lives.

Besides, I have heard from people who know her that she’s a lovely person. She may have not been a virgin when she got married, so that is true of many Catholics, too.

And…anyway, this show sounds like it’s meant to be less than serious…

As long as I get to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon, the Rankin-Bass stop-motion goodies (Frosty, Rudolph, etc.), and Bing and Bowie singing “Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy” I’m a happy gal!!! :smiley:

I don’t feel the need to watch trash.

:thumbsup: :clapping:

If it’s going to have HER in it, you can bet it is going to be “sexually suggestive” and very “irreverent.”

This does not look good. :yup:

Also, it is Comedy Central, so it WILL be going for VERY adult laughs. :sad_yes:

Thankfully, I don’t think that is true. The show will air Dec. 1st on Canada’s CTV network and also The Comedy Network.

I just checked the Comedy Central website and it doesn’t have any listings for the show, so Americans may be spared from seeing this program.

God bless the U.S.A! :smiley:

CBS is corrupt to its core. They are currently being investigated by Gov’t on its expenses. It doesn’t look good. Media and most celeb’s don’t care about anything but fame and money and that’s why I don’t watch most shows or purchase any magazines. I Support the Catholic TV shows that do promote good values.

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