Pamela Anderson's Brief Marriage Ends - Secular annulments?

I had never heard of there being a secular application of recognizing a marriage “null,” but this article seems to indicate that there is such a thing.


The “Baywatch” star’s nuptials with Rick Salomon were officially annulled Monday, according to documents filed in Superior Court. The documents listed fraud as the reason for the annulment but did not include further details.

Maybe Borat Sagdiyev can try again now

My husband, an American citizen, had his first marriage civilly annulled in the superior court of his native state. (He had to get a decree of nullity from a Catholic tribunal also). I’m not sure how prevalent civil annulments are in the US, but my guess is that they are fairly rare. Here in Ireland, prior to the introduction of civil divorce, a civil annulment was the ONLY legal way to have a marriage ‘dissolved’ and it was almost impossible to attain. This resulted in people whose marriages had been declared invalid by a Catholic Church tribunal being unable legally to attempt marriage again. Those who did marry again with the blessing of the Church were technically regarded by the State as being in bigamous marriages though in practice a blind eye seems to have been turned by the authorities.

It is generally only granted when for specific reasons and only for a very short period of time after the civil marriage.

Very interesting, I had no clue about this. Thank you for your statements.

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