Pan-Orthodox Council announced


No quite Catholic news, but I thought it might still belong here


I’m very hopeful about the prospects of increased intra-Orthodox unity. If this Council brings the Orthodox churches toward a closer union with one another, I think there’s a lot of promise in that. I wonder if Eastern Catholic bishops will be invited to participate, or even the pope, since he was one of the authorized celebrants for Eastern liturgies when he was in Argentina – if they invite him or the Eastern Catholic bishops, that would be SO awesome. I do look forward to finding out.


I hope that this is a small sign that the power of the Holy Spirit is stirring to bring together all Christians. In a world which is reverting to paganistic values and embracing atheism, Christians need to become united in their common love for Christ. What a powerful witness, a reuniting in love would be to those who point to religion as a cause for all the hatred in the world.


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