pan-Orthodox synod stalls over disputes


Attempt to hold pan-Orthodox synod stalls over disputes:
" A historic attempt to bring together all leaders of the world’s Orthodox churches for the first time in more than a millennium has stalled after the powerful Russian church and three others pulled out at the last minute over disputes ranging from the seating plan to efforts to reconcile with the Vatican."


This is so sad, but to me the Orthodox Churches just seem rudderless - and, no, I am one of those Catholics waiting with baited breath for them to come back to us. I will gladly accept, even prefer, a larger Church where we are just “cousins” who can worship (fully) with each other. But even beyond the hair-raising anti-Catholicism in some corners, there is so much rancor, disagreement, multiple voices to all of this - IMHO. The Orthodox Church Catholics fantasize about wound down with St. John Chrysostom, somewhere back there.


This must be frustrating.


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