Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca leak reveals elite's tax havens


A huge leak of confidential documents has revealed how the rich and powerful use tax havens to hide their wealth.

Eleven million documents were leaked from one of the world’s most secretive companies, Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca.

They show how Mossack Fonseca has helped clients launder money, dodge sanctions and evade tax.

The company says it has operated beyond reproach for 40 years and has never been charged with criminal wrong-doing.

The documents show links to 72 current or former heads of state in the data, including dictators accused of looting their own countries.

Panama Papers: Iceland PM’s investments questioned

The prime minister of Iceland has been accused of hiding millions of dollars of investments in his country’s banks behind a secretive offshore company.

Leaked documents show that Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson and his wife bought offshore company Wintris in 2007.

He did not declare an interest in the company when entering parliament in 2009. He sold his 50% of Wintris to his wife for $1 (70p), eight months later.

He says no rules were broken and his wife did not benefit financially.

The offshore company was used to invest millions of dollars of inherited money, according to a document signed by Mr Gunnlaugsson’s wife Anna Sigurlaug Palsdottir in 2015.


Putin is also there. :wink:


I didn’t comb through the articles, but I am under the impression colleagues and friends of Putin are there; not him himself. I may be mistaken.


Family as well. He is not that stupid to put his name anywhere. But the source of the funds is obvious.


Were the Tsars this corrupt?


He takes it to a whole new level. Ivan the Terrible was a choir boy compared with Putin.


I wonder what ever became of that ‘palace’ Russia built for Putin when he was going to retire, but then sort of changed his mind? LOL

Ive heard Putin is one of the richest men on the planet, but its a secret type wealth.

This kind of thing not at all surprising, Im sure the same thing happens in the US too, its just kept more on the down low here.


Good to know your boy Cameron’s dad was in august company then on the list. :wink:



The Panama Papers: 7 things to know

What are the Panama Papers?

ICIJ and an international coalition of media outlets investigated the trove of papers which allegedly reveal a clandestine network involving associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and business ties between a member of FIFA’s ethics committee and men whom the United States has indicted for corruption.

Why are they called the Panama Papers?

The more than 11 million documents, which date back four decades, are allegedly connected to Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca. ICIJ reports that the firm helped establish secret shell companies and offshore accounts for global power players. ICIJ reports that a 2015 audit found that Mossack Fonseca knew the identities of the real owners of just 204 of 14,086 companies it had incorporated in Seychelles, an Indian Ocean archipelago often described as a tax haven.


He may be my Prime Minister but I am anything but a Tory (I view it as the greatest insult :wink: ). So he is hardly “my boy”. I detest nearly everything Cameron stands for and that his aristocratic Eton educated pedigree represents…that’s me putting it mildly…:smiley:

I’m not at all surprised, therefore, that his dad was on the list. The only thing that shocks me is that neither he or that **** of a chancellor Osborne aren’t on it themselves.


Funny thing. When the Panama Papers story broke a couple of months back, on EWTN, Kresta in the Afternoon took great pains to downplay the story, and even having someone from the Heritage Foundation :eek: on rationalizing the offshore accounts. Not exactly in the spirit of Christianity. Related, perhaps, a week or so ago, Barbara McGuigan (and she is …um … interesting to listen to) had a Canadian deacon on who had written a book about ignorance, and he couldn’t help taking a swipe at socialism, just out of the blue. Perhaps this deacon, and the folks behind EWTN in general, are ignorant of Matthew 21:12 or Matthew 6:24.


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