PANAMA - pro life groups/activists in Panama rejoice over new pro life Elected President

Unfortunately I could not find this new in English but given the sad situation in many countries in which the pro choice movent is moving forward so quickly, I decided to post some good news for catholics in this forum who can read in Spanish. To share with the rest in a nutshell, pro life and pro family leaders are extremely happy in the Central American country of Panama as the new elected president is fiercely pro life, pro family and a strong practicing catholic. Juan Carlos Varela during his candidacy signed a pact in which he compromised to defend the institution of marriage between a man and a woman and to defend the life of the human being from conception to natural death.

Mr. Varela has stated firmly during his campaign with no fear of critics that he opposes abortion and that he is a practicing catholic. I am very happy to hear that one country is openly choosing a pro life president and I think this is a very uplifting new specially now when the anti life movement seems to win so many fights in Latin america. They just lost a big battle in panama and the pro life movement got a huge win. Let’s pray for the new panamenian president so God can guide him in his job and to be an instrument of God.

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