Pandemic over in USA declares White House press release

Well done if its true.

Its in a press release accompanying this report.

a new 62-page report from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy listing what it claims are the scientific and technological accomplishments during President Trump’s first term.
(The list in the press release includes, “ENDING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC.”

Here is the press release

This is questionable. The phrase “Ending the COVID-19 Pandemic.” is listed as a title of an accomplishment. In the full document, the steps taken to end the pandemic are listed. It was not declared ended. It seems like this criticism is very thin. As a titled, the language does not necessitate the the WH was saying Trump ended the pandemic.

That said, even listing the steps taken as an accomplishment is odd, since we have elevate COVID to the number three killer in the U.S., most steps taken to protect people were at the state and local level, and Trump is the biggest skeptic of science to ever sit behind the oval office desk.


pnewton, I don’t usually disagree with you, but I have to on this one. If I list something as an accomplishment – let’s say, “deep-cleaned kitchen” – you’d think I had actually, and already, deep-cleaned the kitchen. Not that I had taken steps in that direction.

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I was trying to give the grammar the benefit of the doubt; whether the most obvious definition is the only possibility. I guess if one is going talk about Trump and COVID, I would think his lack of leadership and success would be more solid.

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Yes that could be the issue, a poorly worded phrase in the press release. According to the White house. Bad grammar.

After reading the document, there is no context about having ended the pandemic. There is context on measures beig taken to limit the pandemic.

Better press release proof reading would serve the press office as this story is being carried on many international wires. I remember the recent Papal statement/non statement as an example of why words matter.

Even so , ending the pandemic as in actually ending it, is beyond any one govenrment. It needs a global collective with the collaboration of resources and ideas.

And that is why one man’s unilateral decision to cut funding to the WHO is so disturbing. He should not even have that power. And using it for a power play is quite the opposite of pro-life.

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Well the WHO is compromised by China and they truly dropped the ball on this pandemic. Why give them any money when they failed at their one job?

This is my thread so I am going to allow it to drift into that direction and say it is not off topic. A heartening thing in the report, have you read it, linked in the first post, is
Covid 19 is named as Covid and not ‘China virus’ or Wuhan virus’

If one nation wanted to clearly end the pandemic, they would have to completely eliminate it from within and then close their borders indefinately. They would also have to deal with frozen goods and imports as this virus has a history of being able to live on surfaces and frozen packaging.
No nation today could survive long in those conditions.

That is the narrative, for those who want to believe what Trump is selling.

Seen any smallpox lately? COVID can be wiped out, but it cannot be eliminated but the U.S. If anything, we are showing ourselves the least competent nation to take any lead.

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China lied about how infectious it was and how many people were infected, the WHO neglected to go in to China and verify any information until it was too late, and the WHO director was hand-picked by China. The WHO blew it because they bent the knee to China, not unlike the democratic nominee for president which is a whole other story.


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