Panel Clears Dutch Doctor Who Asked Family to Hold Patient Down As She Carried Out Euthanasia Procedure


She had said she wanted her life to be ended when “the time was right.” But when the doctor came to give her a lethal injection, she fought desperately not to be killed, and she had to be held down for the injection. The Netherlands is a leader in euthanasia, officially called “assisted suicide,” which supposedly is meant to be voluntary, and the ranges of people who can be put to death in the Netherlands is constantly expanding.


Seems their ‘right to die’ is becoming a duty to die.


That’s sick :mad:


Well that’s the result of the West worshipping Mammon instead of the Triune God. Instead of being patients and people, they’re now bedblockers and additional expenses.


It’s a terrifying article. Imagine what that family is going to through, as they live out their lives and recall what they’ve done. And if there were grandchildren or great-grandchildren who were pressured into taking part in this, then it would seem highly likely this will be the source of nightmares and trauma for the rest of their lives.


It literally soured my stomach and I feel like I’m going to be sick knowing that millions of people applaud the “right” to “die with dignity” like this woman was allowed. Offering a prayer for her soul.


What about all those “safeguards” and “strict controls” and all of that?

Do you mean the euthanasia advocates didn’t REALLY MEAN it?

I’m shocked!


Holland - what a lovely place.

Not very religious in the Netherlands. .Coincidence? Don’t think so!

Quick to try and stop one of the few good things that may come out of Trumps administration too.

Yes, find someone incapable of defending themselves and the Dutch will support their slaughter.


This is murder. Anyone can see that.

What is going on in Europe???


This complete disregard for basic morality is a clear effect of secularism in Europe.


Tell me that doctor isn’t being influenced by the demonic.


ugh how horrible. stupid secularists!


For now. But sharia activists are making a push enabled in no small part by secularists.


When secularism rises, radical Islam infiltrates. What a coincidence.


Yes, no mercy here.


So a doctor just legally murdered a sick patient. Wow.


Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it…they are basically doing what the Nazis only DREAMED of doing…


What is there to say about something like that? What words can you use? What a disgusting country. (No offense to true Christian Dutch…who seem to be in short supply these days) They gang up on someone who revoked her “consent to die” and murder her, but break no laws?

Then again, from what I heard from my late mother when my sister forced her into a nursing home here in the good old US of A, American nursing homes aren’t much different.


Coming soon to a country near you. It is only going to get worse from here. Now it is voluntary (if this could be considered voluntary). But will that be enough for euthanasia supporters as time goes on?


What was is the Bishop Fulton Sheen once said … oh yeah, “when man stops believing in divinity, eventually he stops believing in humanity.”

A sad example in the Netherworld, er, the Netherlands.


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