Pan's Labrynth- out on DVD

Can’t wait to pick this movie up. I loved it, ther was alot of symbolism in it, if you can get past the violence.

It is? I don’t pay much attention to release dates :o

But yeah, it was a brilliant movie; the camera didn’t flinch away from violence so it’s not for the faint of heart, but if you can handle it I cannot recommend the movie highly enough. In particular, fans of magic realism, artistic symbolism, and fairy tales should check it out if they haven’t already.

I went out to buy the 2 disc set this afternoon and every store was sold out. I’ll have to check the internet to see if I can get it.
I loved th movie though, it was so haunting and beautiful. I also loved the music.

d movie sounds interesting. is it in Spanish?

Yes. It was released with subtitles here in the States.

We just watched it on Friday. I thought it was wonderful. :thumbsup:

Definitely not for those easily freaked out or for kids under age 14, though. It’s not sexual and there’s not much swearing, but it is kind of gory and intense in spots.

:thumbsup: Haven’t checked out the local BlockBuster yet for it,but i intend too.Looks really good from the commercials I had seen for it.

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