Is it immoral to wear pants? As a catholic woman I dont think so but I read Colleen Hammonds book on modesty and she seems to think so any takes on this. :o


If it were immoral to wear pants, you’d hear a lot more about it from professional apologists and it would specifically state as much in the catechism. Ms. Hammond’s book is full of Ms. Hammond’s opinion.

God bless. :slight_smile:


Over here in the Uk , pants are our underwear, so it could be pretty immoral not to wear them.




Well I think that it’s fine. I’ve never heard a priest telling the congregation that females in pants are sinning by their choice of clothing.


I don’t think it is immoral at all. If the pants are modest and not tight-fitting or low-riding, there’s nothing to worry about. :twocents:


My gosh, no! It is not immoral for women to wear pants!

What does Catholicism have to do with specific clothing?

The catechism teaches us to have respect for our bodies as temples of God… and to grow in the fruits of the Spirit (which includes modesty), but specifics on TYPES of clothing starts to be cultish (in my opinion).


There are huge discussions about this in Evangelical-land (specially in another Christian, but not Catholic board I frequent). Also about head coverings. In one such discussion, a poster said that woman who were “dresses-only” were the only ones who also covered their heads.
I remarked about all the little old lady Catholics who wear veils and black polyester pants to daily mass! :smiley:

As an answer to your question, no I do not think it is immoral to wear pants. I think it is immoral to wear indecent clothing. That can include dress/skirt styles as well as pants styles.

If you clothes are too tight, too short, too low, too sheer, etc, they will be immoral no matter what the garment is called. I think we have choice in this area, just as we do with food (ie, we are no longer kosher). But, we need to use our common sense about what is appropriate both in terms of fit and of occasion. For example, if your choice is between a mini-skirt and properly fitting slacks for mass in the states, choose the slacks. If you have the same choice for mass in Rome, please go shopping for a nice, knee-length skirt! :wink:


And some of us look better in pants than in a skirt.


Colleen Hammonds needs a reality check. :rolleyes: There’s nothing wrong with women wearing pants.


I think this whole issue comes up because a verse in scripture says that a woman shall not dress as a man. Since men started wearing pants/trousers/slacks several hundred years before women did, some people have gotten the idea in their head that wearing pants equals dressing as a man. Kind of silly really since when the scriptures where written, both men and women were wearing robes :). I think as long as a woman dresses in a manner where it is clear that she is a woman and not a man then she is observing the scriptural requirement (which I think was a part of mosaic law and therefore probably not necessarily binding on us anyway).



Thank you… I was in a car accident and it left my leg scarred I dont like to show that off to people :o


I think it would be scandalous if women walked around without their pants on. :wink:

Not to mention distracting.

Almost as hard to believe as the “Voluntary Human Extinction Movement”. And possibly as good as satire!


Who is Colleen Hammonds and why should anyone take her word for anything? :nerd:



Her book is actually interesting. The name of it is Dressing with Dignity. Has anybody read it?




Well, I think she made a lot of very good points in her book. However, I don’t think she said it was sinful to wear pants, but that wearing skirts is better.

I have to say I prefer pants for comfort, but I do think pants draw the eye to the, er, seat area.

I’ve also noticed that as we women get older, skirts hide, er, the consequences of aging on the seat area.

The only changes I’ve made since reading her book is to not wear pants to Church and to not wear sleeveless shirts. I always thought that sleeveless shirts were fine, but when I asked my dh if he was turned on by bare arms, I was surprised by his answer. He said that he wasn’t necessarily turned on, but that the less clothes a woman has on, the more it draws the eye.

I’m 37 and I don’t think I’m drawing anyone’s eyes, but I am trying to be more modest to set an example for my beautiful daughters, esp. my 12 year old.


I think you make some very good points. I’m glad that you’re trying to set a good example for your daughters.

Men should also be modest, especially in Church. I was quite shocked when I read not too long ago that some women are tempted by legs. I truly had no idea. I’ve since worn mostly pants in public (which hasn’t been too difficult considering the Colorado weather). Summer will be much more of a trial. But, I think it’s great that we can all discuss this and help each other out by telling one another what is tempting and distracting. :thumbsup:


In some cultures, like China, women have worn pants for millenia. In others, Scotland for instance, men wear a skirt-like garment (kilt).

We should all, men and women, dress modestly. I have seen women wear dresses in church that were most certainly not modest. Of course many women wear pants which are. I think it is a matter of good judgment.

Personally, I like the way most women look in a dress. While pants do not turn me off by any means, a dress certainly enhances a woman’s femininity. To me, either are acceptable.

I have noticed, however, that there seems to be corelation between the degree of observable deoutness and the frequency I observe a women wear a dress. I think that may simply be due to the choices a truly devout woman are naturally lead to. (On the male side, you will generally not see a devout man show up at Mass wearing a T-shirt and no one has to tell him.)

There is, of course, obvious exceptions for practicality and those who have some type of injury, disfigurment or scarring. (I do not were short sleeve shirts or shorts because of scars on my arms and legs from injuries and repeated knee surgeries.)

Another point I would like to make is that many women seem completely unaware of how their dress is often an occassion of sin for men. I believe dressing modestly is as much about caring for yourself as it is about love of neighbor and the desire not to lead your neighbor into an ocsassion of sin.

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