Paolo Coelho

Hi I recently read a book called The Alchemist which I thought was pretty good. It had some Christian references, as well as Christian messages. I decided to research about Paulo Coelho, as I was planning on reading some of his other books like By the River Piedra I sat down and wept

I read that he is a Catholic; all though many of his beliefs seem controversial to me. He beliefs that we should all find love on earth, which I totally agree with him. The problem is that he beliefs that some times love can lead us into hell and that we should take that risk. He also beliefs that it is OK to belief in any religion. I don’t disrespect anyone’s religion, the problem is that he beliefs that all religions can be the right religion.

Has anyone read about Paolo Coelho? What do you guys think about his ideas

I read the Alchemist too - I thought it was kind of a mixed bag - some of it seemed very true to Catholicism; some of it seemed more New-Age. I forget what exactly; it was a long time ago that I read it. But this can be problematic, you find yourself identifying with the stuff that is faithful, which if you’re not careful can then make you more receptive to the New Age parts.

I read The Alchemist but I haven’t read any of Coelho’s other works. I thought it was a good book, but I remember finding some parts of it pretty New Agey or otherwise contrary to Catholic dogma. I wouldn’t recommend that you read much Coelho unless you’re well educated in the Catholic faith. I think C. S. Lewis is better.

Yea C.S Lewis is definitely someone I want to read, I am fascinated with the Narnia series. I’m planning on reading his collection of Narnia books and then re watching the movies.

C. S. Lewis is awesome. I’d suggest doing more research on Coelho – I recently heard Sharon Lee Gigante on CAF address his works, and it sounds like he has quite a New Age tinge.

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