I am so glad and overjoyed that the Lord has blessed us with Pope Francis. I must admit though I did not see him coming.

There were many papabili from Quebec, USA, Italy, Hungary, Africa and South America. Before Francis was chosen, was anyone “rooting” for anyone and if so why?

I was rooting for Turkson at first. That was before it became clear he was campaigning for it, and his other controversial comments that would require immediate defending and explaining. After him I was backing Dom Odilio Scherer. He seemed like he would bring old and new worlds together. He was effective manager of chaotic Sao Paulo dioceses.

He struck me as a tough, strident person who would make hard choices about reforming curia and other things. In retrospect I am glad the Holy Spirit picked Bergoglio over him:rolleyes:

So did anyone have anyone they were “cheering for?”

Burke and Tagle.


and Ranjinth…

Interesting, I would be curious to know why you like both of them as they seem pretty opposite to me.

I wasn’t rooting for Burke only because I didnt think he was a realistic possibility.

I rooted for Ranjith, Ouellet, Erdo, Llovera…

Anyone a Scherer fan? Or is that just me?

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