Papacy began in the 500 or 600s



Even though its common for you to think of the Church of Christ as a Protestant Denomination that would be comfort bale as just that, another Protestant Denomination, please remember that the Church of Christ is neither Protestant nor a Denomination.

It is, in fact, rather offensive to a member of the Church of Christ to be called a denomination.

It is also not Protestant. ( which confuses many I know…)

even though Catholics mention repeatedly how diverse Protestantism is, they tend to speak of them as believing essentially the same core things, which the Church of Christ rejects, except Sola scriptura.

 My own story is unique,and I myself cannot be Confused with a Proper Church of Christ member. its my default setting as it is my origin, and where I grew up. 

however, I do strive for accuracy.



I sure hope you were joking. That post could be interpreted as being offensive, as if you’re trying to start trouble. So, don’t be offended if a couple of us interpreted as such. We get a lot of attacks here, sometimes at an hourly or minutely basis, lol. We even get them from our own kind, lol. :smiley: Those are the really more frustrating and disapointing ones. I noticed you’re new here too. Welcome! :slight_smile: I don’t know much about the “Church of Christ.” Maybe you can post something about it in the “Non-Catholic religions” section. Of course, to Catholics anything outside is considered a denomination.


[quote=Roman_Army]Of course, to Catholics anything outside is considered a denomination.

There is no problem with Catholics refering to our separated brethren in the Church of Christ as non-denominational. In official Church documents, groups such as the Church of Christ are referred to as “ecclesial communities” because they do not have valid sacraments.

I have to agree with Zarove that calling members of the Church of Christ “Protestants” is rude and insulting, and it is certainly not Catholic Church teaching to do so.


I was not offended, as they did not know any better. Most have not heard of the Chruch of Christ, which is my default setting. ( Havent attended in a few years. Long story…)

Most htink that if you aren’t Catholic, your Protestant, and Protestants are divided by Denomenaiton. At the Four Square CHuch where I attend currently ( Again long story, Im not Four Square in theology) they proclaim themselves a Denomenation, for instnce. Yes I understand the confusion.

It woudl ony be offnsive if they had said htis knoign of the CHruc of Christ position.

Now that they are informd of coruse I expect them to ask queastions and the like and undrstand why. But this too is natural.

So, no worris on it.


Look at the Catholic Encyclopedia online at this link:

This talks about the Pope in general. Go down to the section labeled “ST. PETER WAS BISHOP OF ROME” and there are many quotes going back to the 200’s showing St. Peter was first Bishop of Rome.

Below that it refers to St. Peter’s immediate successors, along with plenty more quotes. There is simply no arguing this. If someone claims the Papacy started in the 500 or 600’s, they haven’t even bothered to look into the subject.



See, ~I~ know there has always been a pope. I accept that list. And, YES to the person who posted it, it WAS the Cletus thing, I was after. …I’m just not sure HE’LL be so accepting of it. AND, I hope he does look into this more, becaue I’m not sure if he’ll accept all the “Catholic” sources, but, I mean, this IS history, he can check it out more if he wants. Thank you all so much!!! :smiley:

ALSO: MY APOLOGIES TO “THE IAMBIC PEN”!!! for calling his church a denomination. I did not know.

I still have yet to send the e-mail, btw. I’m trying to calm myself & figure out how to word it properly. Thank you all again.

God Bless You & Mary Keep You.


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