PAPACY: The Poem Against Marcion


I’ve read that there was a poem, ca. 200 A.D., that references the chair of Peter. I cannot seem to find the text of this. Anyone have a link?


Have a look at this. The “Poem” consists of 5 books.


The “chair” seems to be first mentioned in Book III, line 360.


Proven spurious writing…
compare his lineage in de Præscr., c. xxxii.,


I’m not sure what your sentence means…but I understand the authorship may be spurious, not the antiquity of the text.


Take a peek at the prescriptions against heretics chapter 32…Which is a verified text of Tertullian, this “peom” is in obvious contradiction to that, thereby nullifying its validity.


Nullifying its validity as what? Tertullian’s? Or are you saying it is never existed?




Ok, I don’t think anyone is disagreeing with that. It may well not be his document. :thumbsup:


On most accounts dated 420-490 c.e.


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