Papadopoulos wants DOJ to examine $10K given to him by CIA or FBI(Russian Investigation )

Former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos on Sunday said he is returning to Greece to get $10,000 given to him as part of a CIA or FBI setup to entrap him – and he now wants the Department of Justice to examine the cash.

Papadopoulos said he was given the money in Israel during the summer of 2017 from a guy he believes was a spy but turned the moolah over to his attorney for safekeeping in Greece.

It was good thing when he received $10,000 in an envelope(marked bills?) that he gave it to his lawyer in Greece. When he got off the plane, the FBI/CIA took his luggage.

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If our intel agencies are entrapping citizens to serve political causes, and it certainly appears so, it most definitely needs investigation, a LOT of investigation.

That does not hold truth. If they held his luggage that means he would not have the $10,000 dollars. It is not like he could hold $10,000 in his pocket. And they would have confiscated the money and trained it to something.

No he left the money in Greece with his lawyer. They took his luggage on his flight back to the U.S. expecting to find that he had kept the money in his belongings. He appears to be an honest man who did the right thing by handing the money over to the proper authorities.

They put in handcuffs and angle clips and then have to call to find out what to charge him with. There is no money, no evidence.


That’s only 100 $100 bills.

And the all thorough FBI would not have caught this? Nah! We just want your luggage.

That is besides the point. He has bills that some say could be traced. I have no cat on this fight at the moment.

I do not find the FBI at fault nor Papadopoulos. It is all hear say at the moment. I just wanted to comment on how someone said the FBI seized all of his luggage but missed the $10,000. To which I say it is a low blow to the FBI if they missed it. This people are experts, not CAF commentators.

No one said he had the money on him. It seemed pretty clear in article he left it with lawyer in Greece.

A story that should be followed

He was approached by an operative in the bar at the hotel - don’t forget that - a scenario was being created that included him accepting the money for (fill in the blank) - once accepted it was fairly assumed he would keep it on his return. If he had it at that time - the rest of the story would have been put out there. Not so clever - just routine catch a pigeon.

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We do not have all the evidence. To make a final judgment on this is silly.

It does reek of a set up

It does have similarities to spy movies. But it is to early to tell. The President Trump Russia collusion did fall flat after years of propaganda. Take the news with a lot of salt. Forget the grain, use the whole batch.

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If they had caught him with 10k unreported, they would have owned him
They’d have had their inside man.

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