Papal candidates - Short List?

Cardinal Dolan said on TV this morning that one requirement for being elected Pope was the ability to communicate in several languages. Does anyone have a short list of Cardinals meeting this, and other criteria?

I guess by requirement, you mean increasing the likelihood. Our first pope probably only spoke 1 or 2 languages. ( hebrew and aramaic ) I guess that’s what they might consider, but the only strict requirement is that the candidate be a human male. At least that is my understanding.

Needs link to a news article.

While there are no official candidates, here are “papabili” (potential popes) the most frequently mentioned recently. The list is in alphabetical, not in order of their chances, and will probably change between now and when the conclave is held, most likely in March.,0,6216512.photogallery

Basically, it is a “top ten” list

I just saw this:,7340,L-4343783,00.html

Unbelieveable. Betting on who it will be?

And a baptised Catholic and, I think, at least eighteen years old. :highprayer::knight1:

“Papal Candidates - Short List?”

No, no…its not a short list. :wink:

Personally, I think we desperately need a strong communicator who can make a good and charismatic case for the value of traditional conservative positions in the modern world. We don’t need a theologian, we need an advocate for Christ - someone who can continue to help spread the church into new lands, but who can also help to reassert the church’s strength in the West.

Dolan might be too much of a Yankee, but if we can’t have someone in his strain, I’ll take Ouellet - although there seems to be some doubt if he really wants the job.

They make it sound so political. It’s the Holy Spirit. :thumbsup:

I would be happy with someone young and outgoing. IMO Pope Benedict was a great follow up to JPII. Nobody was going to compare to JPII so having a very quiet, smart, reserved but strong Pope as a follow up to JPII was a good choice. We now need some youth and energy and a good communicator.

I think the most likely candidate are Bishops Dolan, Ouellet, Sandri,or Turkson. However, from what I read there tends to be surprises.

Dolan probably being the longest shot of the bunch.

I don’t think Pope Benedict really wanted it, either. :wink: I think I read he had hoped he could end his days as the Vatican librarian.

Maybe Turkson, Bergoglio, Tagle, Scola…

I would love Chaput, Dolan or Burke, but I am afraid the rest of the world already thinks Americans control too much. And Arinze is wonderful, but I hope it is someone younger.

By all accounts it seems that most of the people think that the next Pope will not be under 60 but more than likely between 65-75. I think that Tagle would be the youngest one by a good margin at 55.

I’m sort of excited about the idea that there’s a real chance a non-european Pope being elected. Maybe an African, American, Canadian or Asian Pope? Some years ago would have laughed at the suggestion.

Well, Cardinal Turkson is 64. :slight_smile:
And according to Wikipedia, “An accomplished polyglot, Turkson is able to speak English, Fante, French, Italian, German, and Hebrew, in addition to understanding Latin and Greek.”

Yes, I think Turkson is a very strong candidate indeed. I just don’t think we’re going to see a Pope any younger than him at this point. It seems the Bishops are in favor older Popes these days.

Personally I’m pulling for Cardinal Dolan because I think he has the charisma to attract people like JP2 did and I think he’s pretty orthodox and younger. Very long shot though, but Turkson could make a great Pope as well. Cardianl Dolan is much of polyglot though.

Please, God, no “liberation theologians.” :eek:

And if I remember correctly, Ratzinger wasn’t even being discussed when he got elected as B16. He was not on anyone’s “short list” or even in the ballpark as far as discussions were going.

That’s just it. We can make all the short lists we want and it could end up being nobody would have guessed.

Although I am far from an expert on all Cardinals, my pick would be Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, a 65 yr old Sri-Lankan.

At 65, he would be young enough (approx. a decade younger than Benedict, when he was elected as Pope).

Cardinal Ranjith can speak 10 languages, (more than Pope Benedict), and so meets Cardinal Dolans criteria (and then some). He can fluently speak Italian, German, French, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Spanish, English, Sinhala and Tamil.

Cardinal Ranjith is also very traditionally minded, especially with regard to the Liturgy and how we receive communion.

He is favourable towards the SSPX, having stated last year he would like them to run his diocesan seminaries.

He is also on record as discussing the return to the Latin Mass with Bishop Bernard Fellay of the SSPX. See this article extract:

The “New Mass” has Outlived Itself

In Rome Bishop Fellay also met “very good people” – priests, even Bishops and apparently Cardinals.

The Bishop named none.

**Msgr Fellay cited however a word from Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith of Sri Lanka. He said to him: “one can not eliminate the New Mass with one stroke.”

It takes more levels and will require twenty years, a whole generation.

As a step in the direction of improvement Bishop Fellay indicated the Motu Proprio, ‘Summorum Pontificum’.

Not all is good with that, already: “But, a beginning has been made.”**

See article dates 22/01/11 at

It very much seems to me that Cardinal Ranjith is the* ideal *candidate to complete the work - the renewal of the Church through tradition - which Pope Benedict has started.

Cardinal Ranjith is strongly against communion-in-the-hand, and a strong advocate of the Tridentine mass. Fantastic policies in my eyes.

I also think the fact that Cardinal Ranjith is not a white man, with English is his first language, will count in his favour. The Church is a global entity, not sjmply a regional one, and the Papacy should reflect this. (We have only had something like 3 Popes in all history who were not white Europeans).

I do not think a North American Pope would be a good idea. I think there are several fine North American Cardinals, (Burke, O’Malley), however I think an American Pope might lead the Papacy to be seen as a puppet of the White House, (see the cosy photos of Cardinal Dolan giggling away with Obama), which would adversely affect Holy See relations with Russian, China, Islamic nations in the middle east etc etc.

(I am not saying there can never be a Yankee Pope, I just don’t think now is the right time).

So, its Cardinal Ranjith for me, and that is what I will be praying for - please do join me!

We simply cannot have a liberal / modernist at any cost. Whoever ascends to the throne of Peter simply** must ** be a resolute defender of the faith and morality, in this perverted age of abortion-on-demand and gay-marriage etc.

The Chicago Tribune article says he is very socially conscious and favors world financial reform. Sounds a little socialist-minded to me. I am no expert on his personal biography, so I am merely speculating. If true, however, I prefer a more conservative candidate similar to our most recent pontiffs.

He sounds very impressive. ::thumbsup:

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