Papal Coronation snippets

For those who enjoy the pagentry as much as I do:

Coronation of John XXIII

(But please don’t start another debate on the merits of having or not having one)

I like all that ceremony at this Coronation Mass.

I wish the pope still did all this but then televised Papal Masses might take longer than usual.

However that “Sic transit…” ceremony should have stayed. Its true that the glory of the world passes away.

Finally! I posted the Coronation of Pius XII in January, and have been looking for John XXIII’s for a long time :smiley:

The poster on Youtube now has the Papal Mass from the prayers at the foot of the altar to the canon and consecration. Its very interesting to see how the pope used to celebrate the Mass. I think the poster plans to put up more until the coronation ceremony.

Oh my God…

A tridentine Mass in St. Peter’s.

My hear just stopped a few seconds ago…

…I have never seen a Papal Coronation video before, and have always wanted to.


The site now has the full coronation of Pope John XXIII closeup. I found it solemn and very interesting.

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