Papal Encyclical for devout non-Catholic

The only daughter of one of my best friends is getting married this fall. She and her beloved are devout and very active non-Catholic Christians. I’ve recently read Casti Connubii, the encyclical of Pope Pius XI, written in 1930. I think a nice copy of this would make a beautiful wedding gift, but am having trouble finding a presentable, gift-condition copy.

Anyone know of a publisher still printing these, hopefully in hardcover? I’ve had little luck with my usual book sites.

Reveling in the beautiful Pacific Northwest weather,


Hmmm… I would be surprised if someone was still printing nice-looking hard cover editions of this encyclical seeing as how it is more than 80 years old. :frowning: Ignatius Press has been doing this with Pope Benedict’s encyclicals, but those are much newer.

I hope someone can come along and prove otherwise. :o

Okay, think I figured it out. The modern world frowns on the Latin, it seems. So I did a search on “Pius XI on Christian Marriage”, and voila. Even found a few nice, presentable copies, though most slightly above my budget.

We’ll see.

LOL, I should have guessed that I’d have had more luck searching by the English title. :o I’m glad you figured it out and were able to find something. :thumbsup:

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