Papal Encyclicals Published?

I’m looking for a good copy of several of the most notable papal encyclicals of the last century-and-a-half or so in order to read it all over the place. I’m aware that the full texts are free to read online, but I’d rather have a physical copy to carry around and to take up space on my bookshelves.

Any editions you all would recommend?

Pauline Books and Media are probably one of the best known publishers of Papal Encyclicals in North America, and internationally. If you knew the names/titles of the encyclicals you’re seeking, they would probably be able to supply you.

The above is a good compilation of some classics that you may not see published by the Paulines.

They are online at this site going back 800 years:

If you have an Amazon Kindle or some other eReader, you could convert the documents from the Vatican site or the Papal Encyclicals site. You can get them on the device free-of-charge and carry them around. That’s what I did!

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