Papal Mass in DC (was it me or was the music crazy?)


I was only to catch the end of it, from consecration on, but the music was crazy. No rhyme or reason. Some of it in my opinion was way too loud and peppy (like you were supposed to jump up amd clap your hands), for distributing and receiving the Most Holy Sacrament. There was a close up of Pope Benedict and I swear it looked like he wished he had earplugs.:rolleyes:

I guess, it was an attempt to represent multi-cultural America. It sounded crazy though. They should have stuck with traditional Catholic and Latin hymns IMO.

Still was awesome though.:slight_smile:

Anyone know where I can find a record of the homily?


I agree with you, Ana. I turned it on during the offertory…I wasn’t impressed. It is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, not a multi-cultural concert.

There were times I felt sorry for the poor Pope, as well…then I realized this is the kind of stuff we all have to listen to (on a less grand scale!), so maybe he will empathize with us!!!


No, it wasn’t just you. But it’s not as if the Holy Father wasn’t forewarned. Monsignor Marini knew full well what was planned, and strangely enough he seemed “pleased” with it. I don’t even know what to think. There are many good choirs and Gregorian Scholas in the Washington DC area, and from what I understand, not a single one was consulted. :nope:


Who determines what the music would be like? Did the Holy Father just show up with no idea as to what was going to happen?:confused:


I just watched the papal mass in Washington and I was astonished by three things: first, the mass itself. If I had been present, I would have left in tears. It was horrible. The second astonishing thing was the frankness of EWTN’s commentary, for example, the use by one commentator of the words “complete deviation from everything Benedict has written about for the last thirty years.” No mincing. The third astonishing thing was the glance given his Holy Father by the priest on his right (it may be his new master of ceremonies but I’ve never seen a picture and don’t know) when the Kyrie began. It told everything. I mourned throughout the rest of mass for this public humiliation of His Holiness.

I cannot help but think that if Benedict was wavering, hoping that the reform of the reform would happen by itself, by good example, he will now become a liturgical maoist, “where the broom does not reach, the dust does not vanish by itself.”

I hope everyone connected with the planning of this liturgy is rebuked.


No. The music was picked by some sort of archdiocesan committee headed by one of the more liberal priests of the archdiocese, and the list was given to the papal master of ceremonies for approval. For whatever reason, he did approve it. Unfortunately I think both of them probably realize that the Archdiocese sold them a rather large quantity of Snake Oil.


Oh no … that bad? How embarassing. What kind of look did the Priest give during the Kyrie?


I am sure the Pope is praying and many of the priests and nuns there who feel as we did… they are probably more used to attacks of various sorts… or more able to process it into asking God what HIs will is …
for me…
I felt a showy feeling of something too loud and offensive and embarrassing in the selections.
Maybe it was the location>
I am certain it will be a blip in our memory , thanks be to that( my memory sometimes… ) and I know God has a plan that is unfolding and we are exactly where He wants us to be~!!
I try to remember that always.
forgive them for they know not what they do.


it is not you, it was crazy.


i didn’t care for all the competing sounds, too much being crammed into one Mass. some of it also just seemed better suited for a different venue.

it had a disconnect from the manner of celebration for the vespers the day before too, a really big change. i would have thought the whole trip would try to have more continuity in various settings.


A quick, personal, concerned, surprised look. The same priest–it must be Mariani?–during the consecration put his folded hands over his mouth the whole time and during the rest of the Canon. That look means, if I am not mistaken, What will happen next? Somebody’s gonna get it!


For the things said in this thread the mass has been horrible, the virus of liberalism and secularism is very alive in America and Western in general.


Perhaps some changes will be made before the Mass at St Patrick’s is held.

Pray for Benedict XVI… pray more for those who have abused the liturgy .



Yeah, the music was kind of weird:blush: . We americans sure know how to make things crazy:o


I didn’t think it was that bad. Both Jesus and His Vicar were both truly present. Sure some of the music wasn’t that great, but focus on the most important part.


The Mass is always sublime. It is the music we’re talking about here!




CAF Declares Pope’s Masses - ‘Not Good Enough’**

:rotfl: L O L :rotfl:


Thankfully, I did not watch all of the Mass, because I had read that pro-abortion members of Congress were going to receive the Holy Eucharist. I cannot say how angry that makes me. I did hear the final selections which seemed beautiful. But when I heard a commentator on Fox News say that the music was a little different, I knew what had happened and it made me even angrier, until it made me happy;)

As has been stated here already, now the Holy Father knows, first hand. Even in this setting, Mass may not become an ecumenical happening. The music is part of the Mass and must be written for that purpose. Period. In my opinion the only “pastoral consideration” that may go into the decision as to what music prayers will be sung is will they contribute to the authenticity and validity and beauty of the Mass." There is so much to say about this, but this is not the time.

Is there a website where one may find a list of those who are masters in traditional litugical music? I would like to find those who would be able to judge new music for a very important competition. Thanks.:thumbsup:


They publically humiliated the Holy Father.


I haven’t had a lot of time to digest it, but my thoughts are…the Holy Father is a guest in our country. When you invite a guest to your home, if you know they are a vegetarian who doesn’t like sweets, you don’t serve a big roast beef dinner with chocolate cake for dessert. That would be highly rude. I feel like that’s what happened to the Holy Father in the planning of the liturgical music.

By the way, some of the pieces were fine…but some were NOT.

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