Papal Mass music, what do you think

maybe I am the only one who thinks it is a bit jarring?
I guess cant please everyone,? wonder what you all think?

Some was of it was gorgeous, some made me cringe. One of the Communion songs was awful, the Psalm made me think of Star Wars (perhaps because of the instruments used) and I cringed when they applauded Panis Angelicus.

I was shocked as well. I believe it was to appease those who would be offended by not showing our “multiculturalism”. There is such a focus on that in our nation today, instead of coming together of Americans. I am hopeful that the music for the events in New York will be more appropriate and inline with our faith and Pope Benedict’s likes.

On an aside, did you see Pope Benedict bless & kiss the baby as he was leaving the Mass? It brought tears to my eyes!!!

I am a first time poster to this list. However, I must comment on this after having just watched the Holy Father’s first celebrated Mass on his current visit. I watched on EWTN and the commentators were remarking on how many people were emailing them with their concerns regarding the liturgy chosen for this Mass. According to the commentators, the comments were not approving of the music chosen. They made mention of the Holy Father’s recent writings on his dislike of these types of liturgies and calling for a return to the more “respectful, sacred” types of liturgies. Those are my words, not the Holy Father’s, but you get the idea. I have to agree that some of the music was not what I expected, but you’d think that those planning the liturgy would have read the Holy Father’s words on the liturgy and followed his guidelines. Of course, his homily was just wonderful! I pray that we all take his words in our hearts and remember them.

I actually don’t mind the multi-cultural thing, as long as it’s kept within certain boundaries. To me, a few Spanish songs are fine; the problem was the ones they chose were so upbeat and out-of-place as to make it distracting and virtually impossible for meditation. The bizzare selections during the Offertory come to mind.

And apparently the NY Mass will be better.

On an aside, did you see Pope Benedict bless & kiss the baby as he was leaving the Mass? It brought tears to my eyes!!!

LOL, you’re not the only one, it seems. Link

I have enjoyed all the music, without exception, at all the services. different, diverse, performed enthusiastically by persons giving their heart and soul to the effort–very much like our Church in this country. But that is also because I do not buy into the mindset of “I don’t like it and it is not familiar to me, therefore it is automatically liturgically incorrect”

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I’ve loved it all so far ; each different occasion has called for something different.

While I was more than pleased to have the coverage on my XM radio, I had thought for a moment that my radio had “skipped channels” at one point in the Mass. Some of the music I thought was just a little “off the wall” or “too commercially symphonic”…or just out of place where a solemn Mass is concerned.

I would have preferred something more fitting…

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: The DC Mass is available on I watched it again last night. Overall, I thought that most of the music was very nice, even if some of it was unfamiliar or not my personal taste. Funny how some of the same songs were used (Holy God We Praise Your Name), but a couple of “lively” selections tainted so much opinion against the music. I did not see the handbell ringers, but I definitely heard bells :slight_smile: (I ring at my parish)

*1st Prelude: Holy God We Praise Thy Name
2nd Prelude: (couldn’t hear it well over the commentators, not familiar, but nicely sung)
Opening: We are assembled (sung intonation – not a hymn)
Entrance: Familiar Alleluia Hymn (can’t remember the name)
Kyrie: Mass of the Angles - nicely sung
Gloria: nicely sung with handbell accompaniment
!st Reading – in Spanish – EWTN commentators did not translate – other networks did
Responsorial: Lord Send Out Your Spirit - appropriate for Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit - I’ve heard much better versions of this Psalm – the refrains were nicely sung, but not the verses
2nd Reading: in English
Alleluia: nicely sung with handbell accompaniment
Gospel: spoken, not sung (it was sung at the other Masses)
Homily: This was why I tuned in – to hear Pope Benedict’s message. He began by acknowledging the diversity & unity of the Catholic Church in America
Profession of Faith: Renewal of Baptismal promises
Prayer of the Faithful: Multi-language petitions, tri-lingual response of Lord Hear Our Prayer – nicely sung
1st Offeratory Hymn: I didn’t recognize it, but it was nicely sung
2nd Offeratory hymn – Spanish hymn with flute & percussion – lively - this is one that a lot of the more traditional folks found offensive – I liked it though
Presentation of the Gifts – rather prolonged
Holy, Holy, Holy – Mass of Creation - nicely sung with brass and bells
Memorial Acclamation – Mass of Creation – nicely sung with brass & bells
Great Amen – Mass of Creation – nicely sung with brass & bells
Our Father – nicely sung (though I like the “other” sung version better)
Agnus Dei – nicely sung in Latin – I could follow - mostly – did I hear “ grant us peace”?
Communion Hymn #1: All the Earth Proclaim the Lord – nicely sung
Communion Hymn #2: unfamiliar – sounded like a spiritual – not my personal taste
Communion Hymn #3: Ubi Caritas – nicely sung with bells
Communion Hymn #4: another lively Spanish hymn – unfamiliar
Communion Hymn #5: unfamiliar, but beautiful with bells
After Communion Hymn #1: unfamiliar, multi-lingual - but beautifully sung with flute
After Communion Hymn #2: Panis Angelicus sung by Placido Domingo – beautiful
Recessional: Alleluia Sing to Jesus – nicely sung
Postlude: (couldn’t hear it well over the commentators)

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