Papal prerogatives

Dear Latin Catholic brothers and sisters,

I am a Coptic Catholic who would like your input on my belief about the papacy. I am open to correction, so I hope you can help me out.

I believe that:

The Pope has immediate jurisdiction ONLY over his own Patriarchal Church on all matters regarding faith and discipline; his jurisdiction regarding discipline in other Patriarchal Churches is NOT immediate. Only in matters of universal Faith and morals and in the enforcement of a UNIVERSAL canon does the Pope have immediate jurisiction over all Churches. Further, the Pope also has ordinary jurisdiction over all Churches; but the exercise of this jurisdiction is EXTRAordinary.

Please let me know what you think as reflected in the poll and your comments. Since I want to guage my belief according to the Catholic understanding, I would appreciate it if non-Catholics do NOT participate in the poll, but you are welcome to reply with comments.


I would like all my Latin-rite brothers and sisters IN COMMUNION WITH THE BISHOP OF ROME to participate in a like-titled poll in the the Eastern Christianity Forum. You can access it here:

PLEASE, I beg you to read through the WHOLE thread before voting, because the initial statement of my belief requires explanation which is forthcoming in the rest of the thread.


From what I can tell, what you said is correct. The only time a pope “steps in” is when there are disputes between Patriarchal Sees. Also as you said, anything defined as a dogma is binding on all Catholics everywhere.



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