Papal Sts. Peter & St. Paul Mass

Plenty to get anyone in a tizzy (meant with tongue firmly in cheek)…

Spirit of Vatican II Liturgy Crowd: They had a statue of St. Peter on the Altar. What horror. Must have ruined the spirit of horizontal community worship.

The Liturgical Abuse Whine Crowd: The organ gave the Pope the first three notes of the Credo before he sang “Credo unum deum.” Can’t have that. It’s distracting. Detracts from the dignity of the Mass. How dare they.

Wow. I never realized this, but, if you have a chip on your shoulder, you can find anything and everything objectionable and you miss out on a lot of beauty.


Sorry I missed it, hope it’s rebroadcast on EWTN late tonight. We are headed out to Mass at a nearby parish tonight, and I won’t miss a live MAss for a TV Mass–even if it is the Pope!

The Mass we attended was a sung high Mass EF. The priest turned out to be a previous parochial vicar of our current parish who left us to spend time learning the EF and is now PV at this other parish. The church was built in 1960 and looks a bit like a space ship landing from the outside (from the inside too actually!). Fr had done a very good job in setting up the altar to celebrate the EF with the six candles, etc. The parish has a wonderful choir who sung/chanted the Mass beautifully–and from the balcony so we couldn’t see them! The parish also has 2 seminarians in residence this summer so they (along with 5 other men) assisted.

The Mass was truly beautiful especially with the chanting. Receiving the Lord was a grace as always. Finally, it was nice for my son to see this Mass with the priest who trained him to be an altar boy. :slight_smile:

I saw it. It was quite awesome to see the conferral of the palliums by the pope. And I agree with you, so many people miss out on the beauty of the mass by worrying about the little things (and I consider myself very traditional and conservative when it comes to liturgy). I often find myself getting frustrated at my apparent inability to stop worrying about the inexperienced altar servers, crying babies, and lack of the proper amount of candles for a holy day of obligation instead of the wonder of the Mass and the presence of Christ among us. I sometimes think that this Liturgy and Sacraments forum would be much more interesting if it were discussion the beauty of the liturgy and ways to make it better, and different customs, rather than harking on abuses and illicitness and validity.

Here’s a picture of the EF Mass being celebrated at Vatican II (so it wasn’t really EF then) with the statues of St. Peter and Paul on the altar:

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