Papal teaching on Second Coming

The importance of the doctrine and approaching second coming of Jesus is discussed in a new book reviewed here. For the Popes of the past 150 years, the matter is becoming ever more urgent…

Read it. Not impressed. Furthermore my humble opinion: focusing on some apocalyptic event prevents us from focusing on each day of our earthly lives which are, in total, how we are going to judge ourselves face to Face. (I believe that God sends no one to hell but that a soul knows it is not worthy of eternity in His presence and chooses, rightfully so, to withdraw. I also believe the concept of “purgatory” follows these guidelines and that the “fire” of purgatory is actually the fire of purification through which the soul willingly goes in order to be worthy of the Beatific presence.)

Every single day is an apocalypse for someone (many "someones). I’ve recently heard (through prayers being said for them at my church) of two people in the prime of life who died “suddenly”. No one has any guaranty. No age, no physical condition, nothing, prevents God from calling us back to Himself. Best to live each day (or attempt to live each day) as if it were our last so that we can present ourselves as spotless as possible (given our Human nature) to our Creator before Whom we shall all stand.

This is a perfect post.:thumbsup:

I have believed the bolded part (a Franciscan doctrine) for quite some time. I believe as if it were true; I (try to) live as if it were not.

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